Thursday, August 23, 2007

Busy Kids!


I discovered the other day that Mia's hair is long enough to braid. She is really such a cutie pie these days. She says the funniest things, for example, to CJ who was on the top bunk, "CJ want to come on my bed, it way FUN!" Or to me after she asks me a question, "Mom say, "Oh yes!". On Xander's birthday she commented about how there were no balloons, "There's no balloons, doggone."

She had a fun birthday. I really like doing birthday parties and had hoped to do one for Mia this year, but since we had just moved we really didn't know anyone. We went to McDonalds for lunch and played on the outdoor playground. I think the highlight of her day was getting a scooter for her birthday. She was also thrilled that her aunts and grandmas called to wish her a Happy B-day. She told me that those who did not call or were not represented by a significant other, she will be writing out of her will.


Xander has finally taken my advice and instead of throwing the books off the shelf, he picks one up and gently reads the pages while making pictures in his mind. He is totally walking everywhere. I finally put some shoes on him the other day and with his 2 front teeth coming in, he almost looked like a big boy-he just needs more hair!

On his birthday he could care less about eating his cake, he kept putting his hand out to us as if to say,"Here, you eat it. I would rather just play with it!" He got some cute clothes and a fun cup/ball toy. Unlike Mia, he says that he could care less about anyone calling him on his birthday because he can't talk yet and wants to reassure everyone that they still have a place in his will.


CJ has been busy making friends. She was invited to a birthday party from a girl she goes to church with. She was so excited and thrilled to be included. She is also registered to go to school at Ruby Bridges Elementary. The question is, 'Will she stay there?" They said that 3rd grade is pretty full. So we have to wait to see which students return and if there is room for CJ. She may go to another school, Payden that is near by. CJ is just way excited to start school on Sept. 7.

We went to Muir Woods last weekend and checked out the cool Redwoods. CJ got to be the tour guide's helper. She got to hold some of the forest's inhabitants, the friendly slugs. The slugs liked CJ so much, they left her gooed with mucus. What a memorable event! After the woods, we headed to the beach where Ben and the kids ran away from the waves. We stayed only 15 minutes because it was so cold and windy. Xander was excited to have sand back in his diet!

The Parents

Ben is getting alot done at Pixar. He has had several people request some of his cloth designs that he has created. He joined a "Game" club at Pixar and got a free Wii game "Pirates of the Caribbean 3". On another note, we were in San Fransisco after our trip at Muir Woods and Ben would say while we were trying to find our way,"Hey this looks familiar." I asked him if he remembered it from when he was a kid. He said, "No, I remember this from a video game I played." So maybe this game club will teach some valuable skills.

I am really enjoying the diversity here. Diversity in ethnicity and religion. It reminds me of growing up in Michigan. I just feel so alive and excited to talk to everyone. I think the people here are so friendly and interesting.

Ben and I have received callings in our ward (church). Ben will be teaching Gospel Doctrine (his dream calling) and I will be the Enrichment Leader (in charge of organizing activities for the women). This is the 4th time for me, if you include when I was going to college. I'm either really good at this or I really stink and need to get better. Who knows? Either way, I am excited.