Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving in December!

Each year my blogging skills get less and less impressive. But I will keep trying because the fate of my "Family Yearbook" depends on it! And that is something that I love making each year. 

This Thanksgiving we decided to stick around and have dinner in our new home. We invited anyone from our new ward who didn't have a place to go to come to our house. That could have been an "invitation of masses" and surprisingly went the other way! Everyone seemed to have a place to go! Luckily, I still had friends in our old ward who came over.

Let me just tell you, this is the way to do thanksgiving. We had the Lemieuxs and two of the Lenininger family over and we just split everything up! It was awesome and not hard at all and not a burden to any one person. 

So, invite a ton of people to thanksgiving dinner and spread out the assignments and it will be grand!

Before the dinner, we organized a turkey bowl game. I was wondering how that would turn out especially since our track record wasn't so great. The first year we tried to organize one it was Ben, our brother in law and one other person. It ended up being the best we ever organized. There were about 22 people and I even got to play a little.

The kids and I made table decorations which was really quite fun. We gathered things from our backyard that was fall like. I couldn't believe at all the things that we found. From pinecones to pine needles to leaves and cool green spikey things, we had the best table decorations.

The turkey cooked nicely. I was so nervous about it since I was cooking it for other people. I think turkey is overrated. I really think that chicken has a better taste. We had a ton of food and pies!
 We stuffed ourselves and then the grownups got to play games. BEST. THANKSGIVING. EVER.