Monday, November 30, 2009

A Bodily Fluid Move and an Adventure


We moved to our new home two Saturdays ago. While Ben and the men moved the big stuff, Rochelle and I took the two cars packed with odds and ends up to our new house. In a two hour period, this happened:

Xander and I both peed off the side of the road (this is a story of its own), Mia threw up all over her clothes, and Zoey pooped up her back. Of course I didn't have an extra change of clothes for anyone because it was all packed away. Luckily, I had CJ's pajama bottoms which somehow didn't get packed and so I put it on Mia and tightened them with one of my hair things and she had her jacket that she used as a shirt. For Zoey, I used her jacket as her shirt too!

Later that day, Lora watched my kids at her in laws house where the kids swam and went in the jacuzzi. She later informed me that Xander peed on the wall and his friend Livy pooped all over!

All in all, everything worked out. Ben's friends from work, Emron and Jacob not only helped load our truck in Alameda, they came to unload in Concord. The 3 of them unloaded EVERYTHING! I love those boys! We ended up calling the people in our Concord ward and telling them that we didn't need any help.

I painted our living room the third day we were in our house. Ben wanted to hook the television and everything up and didn't want to move it again for me to paint, so I painted right away. How fun is painting! I can't wait to do the other rooms.

This past Saturday, my parents were in town on their way down to Arizona and we used them as babysitters so Ben and I could clean our old place. Six hours later we were done and exhausted. I have never cleaned so hard in my life! Ben went to the walk thru today and the owner said it look great! Thank goodness! We really wanted our security deposit back.

I cannot express how grateful we are to have our little home that is all ours. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways and has made so many things possible for us. Xander told me the second day we were in our house, " I yuv my new home!". Xander, I yuv it too! I also love being close to EVERYTHING! We are in a great location and there are so many things to explore.


Mia was watching Pippie Long Stocking and saw all of her adventures and said, "I love adventures, cept, Mom and Dad don't let me go on them." So on Sunday after church, Ben took all four kids on an "Adventure"(I've been pretty sick these days and he was giving me a break-Thanks Ben!).


We have this awesome park near us that has rolling hills and tons of land to just run on. There is also a little duck pond. The kids had fun climbing on the rocks and running through the trees.


I asked Mia later how her adventure was and she exclaimed, "It was awesome!"


I'm excited for all the adventures we will be having. Let the adventures begin!


Friday, November 20, 2009

My Edward

Some think he's hot. I don't.

I have my own Edward who will quote Shakespeare anytime I want. Who is willing to risk his life for me by stepping out into the sunlight and show his glittery body and reveal to everyone who he really is. I have my own Edward who only pretends to eat and whose voice I hear anytime I wreck my motorcycle or jump off a cliff.


Last night, Rachel and I went to my friend Jen's house for a "New Moon" party. We ate, chatted, made t-shirts, and tested our knowledge of the movie (which I failed miserably)

Rachel's husband is Jacob so she made a "Team Jacob" shirt. Others made "Team Edward" shirts, while I, made a "Team Ben" one. I do declare mine was the best!


All of us survived the 12:00 a.m. screening amidst the screaming of teenage girls throughout the movie every time Jacob appeared on the screen shirtless. The one time that Edward was able to show his stuff, it went sorta like this, "Ahhh, ewwwwwwww." After looking at a shirtless, very buff Jacob the whole movie, by the time Edward had his shirtless debut, it was nothing worth screaming for.

I on the other hand, have something worth screaming for everyday. I get to be married to Ben!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Scary

The Good. . .
We are moving on Saturday to Concord if all goes well on Friday and we close on our house. Ben visited the new ward on Sunday with the girls and said that they were the nicest people.

We sold every big thing in our house that we needed to (washer, dryer, dishwasher, dining table).

I wore shorts today. I was pushing Zoey and Xander in the stroller to pick up Mia and I heard someone comment as I passed about me wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Her son was wearing a winter jacket, hat and boots. It was in the 60's and it felt hot to me! I remember when I moved here how I froze during the summer. Now I'm just like those Ricks College students that I made fun of that were from California and wore shorts in the winter when it was snowing.

The Bad. . .
Our Yard Sale Saturday was the worst one we have ever had. Ben sold things for a dollar or less. After a couple hours of making a few bucks, we decided to make it a FREE yard sale. That's when the people started to come.

I'm not looking forward to the big clean up after we move out of this place. Moving is so stressful and alot of work. I can't wait to plant my feet in one spot for awhile!

The Scary. . .

Xander still thinks it's Halloween. I bought this mask after Halloween for 50 cents. What a deal!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Meet Moaning Myrtle who was actually quite pleasant. She didn't moan nearly as much as I thought she would. Still in love with Harry Potter and Brandon.
This cheerleader couldn't stop doing cartwheels. She even did a cartwheel across the stage during the costume parade as they announced her name. Of course her cartwheel was followed by huge applause.
Samuri Xander was so fierce. All the Asian ladies couldn't stop commenting how cute he was. Indeed, I believe he broke many hearts while trick or treating.
Holy Cow! It's Zoey. She loves milk and now it shows!

Where oh, where do I begin? Let's start with the Fall Festival at the school. One word sums it up for me. . .CHAOS! Ben worked late that night so I took all of the kids by myself to this mad house of craziness. It was actually really great. They had lots of activities for the kids.

Then off to Webster Street our kids went to start the festivities. Playing games, winning prizes, jumping in the jump house and getting candy even before it was dark. Thanks to Ben who took the kids so I could have a little break.

PUMPKIN PIZZA anyone? I think Ben started a new tradition. It was dang good and so realistic.

We went trick or treating down Bay street. This is a very popular street to go down because everyone decorates for Halloween. Ben took 50 million pictures so he could get some ideas for next year. One of the most exciting things for Ben about getting a house is having enough room to decorate for Halloween. I'm glad our soon to be house could accomadate Ben's needs.

Then off to Pixar for some good ol'costume fun. This year we met Ben for lunch and got to see their Halloween program. People performed and strutted their stuff across the stage. All of them hoping to capture the prizes. This is the kids posing with one of Kevin's babies from "Up". Yeah, pretty amazing huh? She makes her own costumes every year and blows everyone away.

Usually at Pixar they have trick or treating after Halloween but this year they did something different. They had the kids show off their costumes, did a skit, a Thriller dance performance, and a who can make the best mummy out of toliet paper contest. Topped off with Car Toons in the theatre. Different but still fun.

We also got the chance to visit with Grandma and Grandpa Porter up in Auburn. They had come for Daniel's wedding. We visited with Ben's aunt and uncle and cousins.

Lisa made the girls these cute bouquets with the extra flowers from the wedding. The girls loved them!

So, in October they usually have Red Ribbon week. Last week, Mia got a red ribbon to help remind her to say "no" to drugs. Today she had me put it on her and yelled, " I DON'T EAT DRUGS!" So funny.