Thursday, October 30, 2008

Help me, Help Ben, Help "Pajama Gladiator"

The student film that Ben produced at BYU is up for a Viewers Choice Award from Nicktoons. Vote all day today as many times as you want. Voting many times in a row will definitely get you promoted to be "Ben's best friend, Level 1". I personally have voted 567,987 times and hold the title, "Ben's best friend forever, Level infinity".

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting the Perfect Family Picture

With Christmas (yeah, yeah, I know what you are thinking. . .Halloween isn't even here yet) just around the corner, I thought we should get a head start and get a family picture. It's been almost a year since the last one we took and Xander didn't even have hair.

I have to admit, I am tripod challenged. There are too many levers and notches to play with. I really am too impatient to take the time to learn. I would just rather hold the camera to take the picture, which of course is hard when you are supposed to be in it.

The other challenge is the kids. Our kids, especially Xander found it much more entertaining to find sticks to have sword fights with or a rock to climb. And then, what do you do when you are so funny and your husband can't stop laughing (see example below)?


This next one is my favorite of all the faces, but it was so overexposed and I didn't use the right setting. It's a bummer because we didn't get many in this pose and I really like the background.


This next one also has a great background of colors. I had just taken Xander's stick sword out of his hands and promised I would give it back. He is eyeing his stick and making sure I keep my promise.


It was so tough to get everyone dressed and out to take pictures. I don't know if I am completely satisfied with any of the pictures we took today. Do I try again? Or do I say, "Good enough"?

Monday, October 20, 2008

What can you get for a dollar?

Since moving to California, we've been disappointed in the stores and selection. Walmart used to be one of my favorite stores, I even named it Valmart. The Walmarts near us are ghetto and never have what you need in stock. The selection is poor and we have found Target is preferred by most, which was the other way around for us when we lived in Utah. We could say the same for the Dollar Tree near us.

Ben and I stumbled upon an awesome Dollar Store in Berkeley. It is a 99 cent store and has tons of things including produce and frozen food. We found Halloween costumes for .99. We bought a Lil Bo Peep, Fairy, and Princess costumes for the girls to add to their dress up collection. Mia's favorite is the Fairy. We were able to find several other treasures of good quality-it was the best time I've had shopping since I've moved here.

I know I have already posted this, but I just have to mention that I have figured out why the Bay area lacks in the stores and restaurants that I am normally used to. I can't find an Olive Garden or Red Lobster near me because in the Bay area the people try to support the local businesses. Same goes for the stores. People go to specialty stores. If you want shoes, you go to your neighbors shoe store on Park St. BTW, I changed the word "buck" to "dollar" because it just looked like a bad word.

What have you gotten for a dollar?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Zebra Stripes? You've got to be kidding me!

You know how it's okay to tease and make fun of people only if it somehow applies to you. For example, I can make fun of Asians all I want but if Ben makes fun of them, he looks like he is racist. Well, I am going to take the opportunity today to make fun of teachers.

It's not even Halloween and I spot what I think would be a perfect costume. I had just walked CJ to school when I noticed a teacher walking across the playground dressed from top to bottom in what only can be compared to as zebra stripes. The picture above, sums up the outfit if you just minus the head and behind. It made me think about when I was teaching, I vowed with another colleague of mine that we would NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER wear anything that could be classified as "Teacher Clothes".

What types of clothes can be classified as "Teacher Clothes"? Let's look at a few examples.

The "Teacher" sweater

You've all seen them before. They are the gaudi sweaters filled with letters, numbers, apples, or seasonal things (ghosts, pumpkins, Christmas trees, hearts etc.) What makes them worthy of the "Teacher" title is that you will never see a "Teacher Sweater" with one small apple or one small pumpkin. No, the sweater is filled with 50 million things. The more the merrier.

The traditional "Teacher" skirt

The "Teacher" skirts go down to, at least, their ankles and have the ugliest prints imaginable. Prints that, if you are not careful could hypnotize you, just with the smallest glance.

The "Teacher" shirt and pant set

Sometimes they match, sometimes they don't. If they do match, wearing a vest that doesn't, is always an option.

I may poke fun at what teachers wear, but when it comes down to it, I really like them. I have to admit, I wasn't the best dressed teacher around. Presently, I'm not the best dressed stay at home mom either. . .some days, I don't even shower.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Blue Angels and Tagged

This week was San Francisco Fleet Week to celebrate the men and women of the armed forces. They have several events throughout the week such as the Parade of Ships, Ship tours and a musical festival at Pier 39. The the Blue Angels were the main attraction. We decided last minute to go and see them in San Francisco as they did their show over the bay. As Ben researched some more, he discovered that Treasure Island may be a better place to go to beat the traffic and parking.

We had never been to Treasure Island before and so it was an adventure. We had no problem finding parking for free and a spot to watch. The kids lasted for 3 hours, thanks to our ample supply of treats.

I remember as a kid watching the Blue Angels in Traverse City, Michigan and here I was today making memories with my kids. Someday, they may reminisce about the time they saw the Blue Angels over the San Francisco Bay with their family. Hopefully, it will bring back a flood of good feelings as it did for me today.
The view of the Blue Angels wasn't too bad. We even had several planes race over our heads as they turned to go back towards Pier 39.
Activity: Watching the Blue Angels
Price: Free (excluding the gas it took to get there)

Overall we give this experience 8 stars.


So Hannah tagged us and we are to post our fourth picture in our fourth picture file and here it is:

You can see what my picture looked like originally from the last post and how fun photoshop can be.

I'm not good at tagging other people, so I tag whoever wants to do this! Tag, your it!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


You may have heard of Halloween window clings. Now introducing. . .Hallow-Bling! This is a quick easy way to show your Halloween spirit and doesn't take up alot of space. For example, you could be one of those people who moved from another state and had to sell most of your Halloween decorations. Do not despair, Hallow-bling is here.

You may be experiencing feelings of depression because the number of your decorations, you can count on one hand. You may even have a cool victorian house that COULD be a great "haunted house". You may be thinking, "My 3 ghost figurines just don't cut it." Hallow-bling is the spirit of Halloween you can take with you. Sure, other people may have a giant skeleton that talks or a hanging cauldron of fire, but what they don't have are cool plastic skeleton or bat rings.

Hallow-bling may not be for everyone. There is a high risk of excitement that comes with these rings. Side effects may include: nausea, dizziness, irritability, diarrhea, stroke, memory loss, and death. Consult your doctor if you find people running away in fear for more than 24 hours.

Hallow-bling is available at a store near you!