Thursday, September 6, 2007

It's school time!

Over Labor Day weekend we visited Uncle Grant and Aunt Patricia in Auburn. Betsy and Russ met us at our place and we followed them up. It was only about a 2 hour drive. For some reason I thought it was going to be longer and packed enough DVD's and snacks for a 10 hour drive. Hey better to be prepared-right? The kids loved Uncle Grant's train he is building on his 3 acre property. They have so much land that we went on a mini hike in their backyard. Mia called Grant and Patricia "Grandma and Grandpa". Xander had a hard time sleeping in an unfamiliar place, but other than that, we had a blast visiting with cousins. CJ actually had someone her age to play with. She is the oldest grandchild on either side and never has anyone her age to play with. There were 2 cousins her age and she was in heaven.

CJ started school on Tuesday. She got into Ruby Bridges and her teacher is Ms. Escalante. She likes school so far and is enjoying making new friends. Mia and I are doing our own little school at home and I am bringing out some learning activities that I have. I think later down the line, I would like to do a mom preschool with her. Xander says, "Mama" perfectly, probably because I am his favorite! He also says, "Nah" for "No" and "Dah" for "done", at least that is what I think.

So now here is the time I fill you in on Ben. Ben never reads our blog or anyone else's for that matter, so I could tell you anything I wanted and he would never know. For instance, how he reads enormous novels on the toliet- like who stays long enough in the bathroom to do that?
But I won't embarrass him. . .today. Ben and Xander watched the first BYU game of the season. I have never seen Ben so happy in his life. He wooped and yelled and screamed for 3 hours. Good thing we are on the first floor! At Pixar they had a reality series come. It is called Dinner Impossible and it will be on the Food Network channel in November. A renown chef was given guidelines and had to make food for the ALL the employees at Pixar within a certain time limit. Anyways, Ben says the food was wonderful and everything turned out great. On a side note, upon our arrival at Patricia's and Grant's place they told Ben that they just finished watching him on T.V. Ben was on the BYU channel talking about their student film. Let's hope this doesn't go to his head and he thinks he is a superstar (j.k I doubt it. He could care less that he was on TV- so humble is he).