Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Magnificent Month of May

Every year, the month of May is a doosie! It is so jammed packed that it is hard to enjoy what's going on. The week before my birthday, I went to a New Kids On the Block concert with my friend Erin. NKTOB was huge when I was a kid. I thought it was hilarious that I was going to one of their as a 38 year old. It was super fun! Nelly opened for them as well as TLC. It was like going back in time. It was also hilarious to see these once teenage heart throbs turned "old dudes". They were all in their mid 40's still doing boy band choreography and dancing with their shirts off. 

My birthday was great! I've decided that I am done thinking that I am old. I never wanted people to know how old I was but really 38 isn't old. I feel great and I feel young and I have lots of energy and life in me that that is really all that should matter.

started with a breakfast with friends, went to the temple, went to lunch with Ben and then I went to a mother/daughter activity with mia and CJ.  It was a non tea hat party. We all wore our fanciest hats and mia got to decorate her own and walk down the catwalk. They also sang happy birthday to me and I danced around like a crazy lady.

I also got a firepit for my Mother's Day/birthday gift. We've already cooked lots of snores already.

I'm the third year girl's camp leader this year and so I'm in charge of doing pre-hikes and organizing everything. It's been tough and a little stressful because I really don't feel like I know what I am doing. I'm sure everything will turn out fine in the end.

I went on my last kindergarten field trip with Zoey to Smith Family Farm. It's crazy to think that my baby is 5 almost 6.  I'm going to miss out time together and just hanging out with her. With Zoey there are a lot of "lasts". I'm going to try and enjoy every moment.

We got a new kitten that the kids named, Willow. She's a cute little kitten who is so energetic, playful and cuddly. Ben and the kids are so happy to finally have a kitten.  I kinda like her too.

We finally went on another family bike ride. It's been since January since we've been on one because I was sick for months and then I had surgery.  We went on the iron horse trail. I love spending time with my family! Xander was so cute thanking Ben and I more than once and saying it was the best day.

Our first trip to the beach was at Muir beach. It's a windy beach but it was a great day. It was a family beach day with the youth and kids. 

Ben and I went to the "Inside Out" wrap party. It was super fun and we stayed until 1:30 am. We are party animals! They had great food like always and a fun scavenger hunt and dancing. I hugged my first actor. I was disappointed that he felt like any other human being.  I was hoping for confetti or a spot light when I hugged him. Just kidding. His name is Richard kind and he is the voice for Bing Bong.  Ben and I had a great time hanging out with his friends.

Mia and Zoey were in the school talent show. Mia did a dance with her friend Brooke and Zoey did a magic trick with Isaac. I also helped with the talent show but wasn't in charge. That was nice.