Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Do's and Don't's of going on a Trip

DO pick a fun location with attractions.
DON'T pick a location that has rapid forest fires where people have had to evacuate their homes.
(We went to Santa Cruz, which had forest fires, just not in the area we visited. When I told someone where we went, she asked if I had brought something to BBQ and some marshmallows! Not a bad idea.)

DO get a motel with two separate bedrooms.
DON'T try out a new sleeping arrangement with your youngest thinking that it will magically work for one night. Just say for example, putting your 3 kids in one room for the first time and hoping that they would go to sleep quickly or even within a normal time frame.

DO pack your things first.
DON'T leave yourself to the end. You will probably leave something home that is a necessity. For example, something like contact solution.

DO buy contact solution.
DON'T try to shop when you can't see. You may think you are buying apples for .79 a pound, when in fact, you have grab several different types of apples and paid 3.00 a pound for them.

DO bring a map of the city.
DON'T drive around trying to find your way. You may find you are driving in circles.

DO plan on visiting something fun for all ages.
DON'T go in a group with people who are "real" tourists. They may take pictures in every combination and location possible, keeping the group from continuing onward because they are waiting for the "real" tourists to finish. And they will probably be in every picture like the guy in the yellow.
DO give yourself some space when with a group in a confined area.
DON'T leave yourself out and vulnerable because someone could stand right on top of you(and I mean it literally)during the presentation and incidentally they are not wearing deodorant and just happen to be with the guy in the yellow.


DO plan on spending some money you normally wouldn't, because hey, you're on vacation.
DON'T take out a small loan.


We went to the wharf and looked at some sea lions-FREE
Played in the sand and watched a volleyball tournament-FREE
Walked on the boardwalk-FREE
Road some rides-NOT FREE
Ate some burritos and quesadillas-Definately NOT FREE
Made some new memories-PRICELESS

Sunday, May 18, 2008

An the award goes to. . .

The first annual "Porter Family Award's" night was held and here are the results:

"Family Flirt Award"

Xander has proven worthy of the "Family Flirt Award". The kids and I went to see if the pool had been cleaned, when immediately Xander found 2 women to charm. He waved, smiled and said "hi" to them as he literally stared at them for 5 minutes. As I pryed his little hands from the metal bars, the women blew kisses and waved to him as they parted ways. You can see Xander in action on the sidebar. I think I have a future ladies man on my hands.

"Nicest Girl Around Award"
CJ has got to be the nicest girl around and so this award goes to her. She has played with so many girls who are snobby, clic-ish, and just mean. I shall refer to them as "Mean Girls" hereafter. CJ on the other hand is just so dang nice and trys to be a good friend despite how the "mean girls" treat her. There was a time when CJ had only boys as friends and I had wished there were more girls to play with. I think I have changed my mind because boys aren't as bossy, exclusive,and are really laid back. I've decided that having all boys as friends, isn't bad at all. Unless, when she is older, they all become her boyfriends!

"Cutest Sayings Award"
The "Cutest Sayings Award" goes to Mia, who says cute things everyday. Like today in church she said, "Trick or Treat, Let me eat!" Of course we love oldies like, "Look both waves" and "But, I love him" (talking about a neighbor boy). Or, "Look at my bras (she calls her non-existent chest, her bras)and "Was I rushin'?" after she says the prayer too fast. There is never a dull moment when she is around!

"Best Husband of the Year Award"

After seeing two members of Ben's family purchase Dyson vaccums, I have secretly wanted one. I mean, who wouldn't want a vaccum that sucks? Ben let me buy one yesterday and it is the suckiest vaccum I have ever owned and I am so happy. Ben definitely gets the "Best Husband of the Year Award", not just for that, but for making Mother's Day and my birthday so special.

So there you have it. Stay tuned till next year when we have the 2nd annual Porter Family Awards night. I'm sure everyone will be a winner!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

My New Toy


Happy Birthday to me,
I'm no longer 30.
I think I'll go back in time,
So, now I'm 29!

My birthday is Wednesday, but I got my birthday present early. I love my new i-pod nano. It's very cute and slim. I even got a arm band to hold it in. Now when I run, I look somewhat professional. I think what I would have to get next to complete the ensemble would be either really short, shorts, or really tight ones. That is what I have been noticing the "professional" runners wear on the trail. My basketball/soccer shorts just make me look like a runner-wanna-be and that is where I will stay, for now. Unless wearing the shorties or tighties cut down your time!

So, I got myself all pumped to run the half marathon in Utah and when I finally came back down to earth and started to look at the entire situation, it looks like we are not going to be able to come. Ben only has a couple days vacation then and we would have to take an unpaid day. With the cost of gas in the picture, it just wouldn't be ideal for us because we would be driving every one of those days except one and we would want more time visiting with the family. Ben said I could fly to Utah and run, and I was just torn. I don't know if I could run my first half-marathon alone and I want Ben to be there at the finish line.

I looked online and found a race the same day nearby. There are 2 differences. First, it is a trail run and second, it's only 12.2 miles. I figure, the trail will be pretty and heck, 12.2 is close enough to 13.1. So hey, if anyone wants to run the race in Bryce Canyon under my name, feel free. I'm already registered and you can have the t-shirt too! Russ, Joe, Kathy, Caleb, and Kendell. . .I'm talking to you.


Ben and the kids gave me a great Mother's day. I got some pretty lilys and a Ben original, homemade card. I love it. It reminds me of the children's author/illustrator, Eric Carle. CJ made me a story at school about favorite memories, Mia made me a card and handprint, and Xander gave me a tissue flower. Man, I have the best family!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Best wife of the year!

With the title, you may think it's Ben writing, but it's actually me. I just wanted the world to know that this weekend, I became the best wife of the year. "How?", you ask. Well it was simple. I let Ben use part of our Economy Stimulus payment on an X-Box 360. After everything was totaled at the cash register, I thought I would have a slight heart attack seeing the cost of this game system. I would never, and I repeat never, in our normal circumstance support a purchase like this one. I'm sure there are plenty of wives who would do this for their husband; I just feel worthy of the title "Best WIfe of the Year" because Ben can't stop thanking me. I'm sure a good part of our payment will go towards "Un-fun, yet necessary" car expenses and medical bills. It was just nice to do our part in stimulating the economy.

I think I will put this a part of my memory system I like to call, "The Back-Up". When I want to get, say, a really nice expensive camera lens, I will find this information hidden away, but not forgotten, and use it for my benefit. Ben keeps commenting on how awesome the graphics are on the X-box 360. I decided to put a picture of Ben playing his new toy and I tried to make it cartoony so Ben could feel like he is really in the X-box fighting all the aliens.

So I've decided to run the half-marathon with some of Ben's family members. I found a program to follow online and have been working out everyday either with running,strengthening, or cross training. Ben and I have also made an effort to eat good this week and I have lost 3 1/2 pounds! It doesn't sound like much, but it is to me. When Ben and I had a contest last year to lose weight, I worked so hard for a month and felt hungry all the time and only lost 5 lbs. the entire month.

This time, Ben and I are trying to eat 5 small meals a day starting out with a really good breakfast. I was hesitant to try this because I thought if I gave myself 5 opportunities to eat, I would eat more. I am doing pretty good and I feel much better inside and out when I exercise. Now if I could just get myself psyched about running 13.1 miles!