Friday, February 22, 2013

Science Fair

It's science fair time again!  I love that Xander and Mia get so excited about it.  They always know what they want to do too.  Xander wanted to learn about how caves are formed and Mia wanted to learn about how lungs were formed.

This year, Ben and I each took a kid and worked on the science projects with them.  Each year, Ben is reluctant when I ask him to do it with the kids.  It's not a small project and it's hard to squeeze into his schedule.

The week of the science fair, Mia and Xander were all excited.  They couldn't stop talking about how it would be okay if they got 2nd place.  Then they had it all planned out which place they would take. 

The day came where they had to explain their projects to the judges.  Mia gets frustrated easily and Ben worked with her the night before so she wouldn't be nervous.  Xander wasn't nervous at all.  Afterschool, when I picked them up, they were all so happy and I knew it must have gone well.  I was so happy they did it.

We went to the science fair in the evening and were able to see everyone's project.  Mia and Xander could not contain their excitement.  

 photo sciencefair-1_zps4844dfdd.jpg

When the time came for the annoucements of the winners, Mia and Xander scooted their way to the front.  Mia watched out for Xander and held his hand (I love when they do that).   They announced Xander's name first for honorable mention.  I don't understand his expression on his face.  I yelled out to him to smile and this is what I got.

 photo sciencefair2_zpsafa5c288.jpg

When it was Mia's grade's turn, they always start on the bottom with honorable mention and move their way up to the top.   I was nervous for Mia and when they didn't call her name at all when it got to second place, I thought for sure, she didn't get it.  But, then again, it's Mia.  And they called her name for FIRST PLACE!  She was so excited!

After we got home, Ben and I were talking in the bedroom.  I can't remember his exact wording but basically, he decided that doing science fair projects with the kids is fun.  I told him, I am going to remind him how he feels now, next year when I tell him he has to help the kids again.

And yeah, science fairs are fun especially when you kid wins all the time!

Friday, February 8, 2013

11 years. . .Woop! Woop!

Ben and I liked to do fun activities for our anniversary.  We try to do things we normally don't do all the time.  Like, one year we went sledding, and another we went to the production, "Wicked".  This year we decided we wanted to go iceskating.  It's been probably 10 years since we have gone. I really wanted to go to San Francisco to go iceskating but unfortuately, here in California, those outdoor skating rings close at the beginning of January.

Luckily, we found some indoor skating rinks.  We ended up going to the one in Oakland.

 photo anniversary2_zps7a815fe8.jpg

At first Ben and I stayed towards the edge.  I couldn't believe how hard it was.  It seriously felt like it took me 1/2 hour just to go around once.  Plus, the iceskates that you rent, were horrible in the ankle. After awhile, Ben and I got better.  Not triple axel better, just "I think I'll move more towards the center of the rink" better.

In fact, check out Ben being all fancy. . .

My ankles only lasted about an hour and a half before they were crying in pain.  Almost after each lap I would make, I'd take a timeout in the hockey booth to give my ankles a little break.

Afterwards, we headed to Jack London Square where we ate at "The Fat Lady".  Historically, a brothel, now a delicious place to eat.  We heard that they go all out with decorations for each holiday.  I'd love to see what they do with the place for Valentines day.

 photo anniversary_zpse8059ec3.jpg

Speaking of Valentine's day, aka "Val-Day", Ben and I make things for each other.  I've got a great gift that is already done. . .hmmmm. . .hope Ben hasn't forgotten.

Yeah, Ben, that was a reminder. . .better hurry T minus 6 days.