Saturday, August 30, 2014

Xander got Baptized!

Xander got baptized a day after his birthday on August 23,2014. What was epic about his baptism is that both sets of grandparents were able to come.  We had a ton of fun the week of his baptism. 

We went to the Academy of Sciences with grandma and grandpa Armstrong. We also took them to Tilden Park where we rode the train and fed the animals at the farm. It was chilly that day, a whopping 60 degrees-ish and our poor Californian bodies froze. Grandma too, but just because she's old! Just kidding Mom! You're still 21!

Ben and I and my parents have a Euchre tournament each time we see each other. Lots of smack talk happens but ultimately, my parents continue to hold the title of "euchre champions"! I love being able to play even if it is just once a year. A great tradition when they come and visit us each time!

When Ben's parents arrived, we headed to Santa Cruz. What a beautiful yet, windy day! We played at the beach and some of us took a stroll down the boardwalk. 

We hung out until we got tired and then got some yummy icecream!  Good thing we had a yummy treat because we spent the next 3 hours getting home! This picture the kids were being funny. Grandpa Armstrong told Grandma to get a picture of the kids against the wall. So here they are against the wall!

Xander's baptism day was busy! We checked out the swap meet before heading to Xander's birthday party at the rock climbing gym. I spent more money than I wanted to on the party but in the end, it was worth it! With family in town it would have been hard to do a party yet alone plan it! Plus, Xander had such a great time. He was a natural climbing up those walls. Plus, Mia and Zoey both had a great time as well!

The actual baptism was awesome! Grandpa Porter spoke on baptism and CJ sang with her friend musical number. We had some technical difficulty but, whatever right? Sometimes that happens!

Xander had a great week! It was exhausting to me especially having to go right into starting school the next week but we did it, yay! Happy birthday to the greatest, smartest, kindest, and most handsomest boy in the world! We love you!