Friday, February 22, 2008

Love Triangle


Mia loves Kosma. Kosma loves CJ. CJ doesn't care. This is how the story begins. Kosma is our neighbor friend who is 6 years old. He and his family are Polish and just moved here from Boise recently. He enjoys coming over almost every day and even invites himself over for dinner. He will ask me what's for dinner and then comment about how good it smells. He's a smart boy.

At first, Kosma would come over and play with Mia. Mia loved having a small friend for herself since CJ has all of her big friends. Then out of the blue, Kosma discovers beautiful CJ, and doesn't mind the age or height difference. He even wrote a school paper about how CJ is his hero.

Well, soon enough, Mia realizes the situation and fights to keep her man! One day, Kosma came over to tell Mia he can't play. Well Mia is obviously disappointed,and longingly declares, "But, I love him!" as he leaves. Another day, Kosma knocks on the door and talks to CJ about something. Mia in the background yells, "He's mine!"

I have to tell Mia constantly to give Kosma his space. She puts her arm around him and hugs him from the moment he arrives. This maybe okay for him because Mia is out of his line of vision and he can focus his all of his energy on CJ. The last sentence is speculation but what if I'm really close to the truth?

Years from now the girls will laugh about this, just like Ben and Joe do today about sharing the same girlfriend.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Val Day!

Ben and I are pounded 3 months in a row with possible gift giving opportunities. It all begins in December, the month where we feel the poorest, yet, we still want to get something for each other because it just feels right, and we've been good all year. Then January arrives and we celebrate our anniversary. I, myself, don't really care about getting a present for my anniversary. This year Ben wanted to get me a drill, and only a crazy person would say, "No". So then, I was forced to get him a gift,which was easy, because he told me what to get. So when February marches along only 2 weeks later, we are basically out of ideas.

This year I suggested we make something for each other. I came across the idea when I was writing in my journal and the previous cards Ben made me poked from the pages. In case you don't know,Ben is a paper master. I don't think there is anything he couldn't make out of paper. I bet he could make paper underwear that would last.

I made him decorative picture frames for his office,each containing very life esstential Pixar movie quotes like, "Oh I'm detecting nuttiness all right", "You're the boss, you're the big hairy boss!" and "I killed a man, with this thumb!" Just to name a few.


Ben made me a children's book about how we met using animal characters. The binding is even hand sewn. The book was so accurate, I don't know if it is a non-fiction or fiction book.

I think we have decided to get a gift for each other on Christmas, do something fun on our anniversary, and make something for each other on Val-Day. And then, for 9 months be bored. . . until December comes again!

Oh. . .I forgot, Ben gets slammed in May because my birthday is around Mother's day. He tries to blend them into one, but I won't let him. I suggested changing my birthday to another month, since I don't know when my real birthday is anyway. I think he is afraid, I'll somehow get away with 2 birthdays a year!

What I like to do in my spare time. . .


Saturday, February 9, 2008



It was a sunny, 70 degrees day and we decided to invest in a year membership at the Oakland Zoo. Don't you just love winter weather? We had a great time looking at the animals in captivity and how the tigers played safely in their cage. I think the highlight of our day was when one of the chimpanzees decided to come and have a stare-off with us. As it walked away, the girls giggled at the sight of his behind. CJ said, "Look at his buttocks!".


This past Monday we enjoyed hanging out with Betsy, Russ, Joe, and Kendell before they took off to Utah. Betsy and I went to Alamo Square with the kids and saw the famous painted ladies. For those who have never heard of the word "painted ladies" before, they are the Victorian houses above. Sorry if you were hoping to see some famous ladies with their faces painted.


Ben and the boys rented go-cars and took a GPS computer guided tour around San Francisco for 3 hours. They saw some beaches, the Golden Gate bridge and park, the neighborhood of mansions along the cliff where Robin Williams house is, ChinaTown, and tons more. Ben wants me to point out that 2 days after Russ' motorcycle accident, he was driving one of the go-cars and controlling the throttle with the wrong hand. Here is the proof! Judging from the smile on Joe's face, he had no worries.


It was a great time, including when Kendell drove Ben out for a brief stroll onto the freeway.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hannah Montana Crazy!


Oh my gosh (OMG)! I can't believe I totally posted something about Hannah Montana. Like, she really is so cool, I mean she has the coolest clothes. What? Are you telling me you have no idea who I am talking about? Gosh! What planet are you from?

CJ got to go see the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds 3 D movie (Whew did I fit that all in?) with her BFF Sam and was literally in heaven. When she got home I got a break down of the movie along with a demonstration of some cool dance moves and poses. My favorite pose is the one where her back is turned, her arms are crossed and she just happens to look over her shoulder.

In 3 years or less, this is what I have to look forward to, I mean, this is where my life is headed; I can just feel in coming and hitting me so fast that I don't even realize what happened. Makeup, designer clothes and jewelry and even boys coupled with puberty, hormones, body changes, and acne may just be enough to hospitalize me. Hopefully in a few years they will come out with a miracle drug for parents who have teenagers or even tweens. The drug will num you through these scary years and will not have any long lasting side effects. At any rate, all one can do is buckle up and enjoy the ride and hope they serve lots of caffeine!.