Friday, April 6, 2012

Pysanky Eggs


Ben made me this egg for Valentine's Day with the supplies that he got from Joe. Since he had tons of the supplies leftover, we decided to make some Pysanky eggs as a family and what better weekend to do it, than General Conference Weekend.

Making pysanky eggs is a lengthy process but so much fun to do. You can check out my This N' That blog to see how we did it. The kids had so much fun designing their eggs. We had helped Zoey put hearts all around her egg as her initial design, but when the time came after the dyeing, her designed turned into scribbles. Xander's turned out the same. The scribbles were actually really cool and made a great design.


CJ and Mia's design was a little more intricate. CJ had the words, "IHOP" on her egg while Mia drew a bunny on hers. Ben said his egg wasn't that creative or great, but as you can see from the top egg of this picture, what is his "not so great" attempt is any other person's "masterpiece".


I love doing fun projects like this with our kids. I've thought this before that the activities that we decide to do as parents can encourage development of our childrens' interests. For instance, if the parents are avid hikers and they have taken their children on hikes since they were little, those kids may turn out to have a love for hiking and continue to do it even when they don't live at home anymore.

Same goes with sports. Say Dad loves baseball and plays baseball with his kids all the time and encourages them to play on a team, some of his kids may turn out to love the sport just as much and be really successful.

With Ben and I, I think we provide many opportunities to be creative and make things. The kids also see us making things and want to make things as well. One of the best gifts the kids have received are reams of paper! They love making things out of paper.

Making things in our family is something that everyone enjoys and doing it together is twice the fun!