Friday, December 7, 2012

Grandma/pa Armstrong Visit and other things. . .


Grandma and Grandpa came for a quick visit last weekend. They were in Utah helping Autumn, who had just gotten ACL knee surgery and thought they would pop over to see us. We pop over meaning, driving 12 hours. Photobucket We had fun visiting and Grandma/pa bought the kids Christmas presents which they got to open. My Mom thought it would be so funny if we wrapped dollar store gifts and gave it to them and said that was it. She thought my kids would complain about not getting more. But to her surprise, my kids were totally content with the dollar store gifts and did not expect more. I think she was pretty impressed with my kids. I was proud of them myself. She got the big presents out and my kids were even more excited! We wished they could stay longer, but hope to see them again soon!

 ORNAMENTS Photobucket

I love our tradition of making ornaments for our tree each year. We do lots of crafting around here and I love seeing the kids get so creative. This year we used beads. Each year, I'm always thinking of what type of medium we should work with. Sometimes, it is hard thinking of something different to use. It doesn't matter though, the kids can be creative with anything.



 A couple months ago, Mia decided she no longer wanted to take gymnastics so we took her out. I was asking her what she would like to try. We thought of soccer which we were too late signing her up for the fall. Xander played teeball this year and wasn't super interested. I was trying to think of what he would like to do. Karate was the first thing that came to my mind. It is more an individual sport and he secretly wants to be a spy someday so karate seemed perfect. An opportunity came along at the gym where they do gymnastics and I was able to sign both kids up for Taekwondo. Taekwondo is Korean karate which is perfect for my little ninjas. At their first class, the instructor taught them Korean words, which they found facinating. They got to learn different kicks and other moves. Xander said, "I love this Mom!". I guess Moms do know some things their kids like. Photobucket

 Shortly after Mia quit gymnastics, I put Zoey in. All summer long she waiting until she turned 3 and then waiting until the enrollment in September. When I bought her her first gymnastics outfit she yelled, "Sign me up!" She calls gymnastics, "nastics". She loves doing gymastics and bouncing and jumping and tumbling around. She is getting better at waiting in line, which she had no idea what a line was at the beginning. She is also learning how to wait her turn. I think the teacher thought she was older because she is so tall, and would lightly scold her for not waiting her turn. I felt bad for Zoey, but it didn't even bother her. She kept plowing forward. That's my girl!


I can't believe December is flying by! I wish December was a little longer and a little slower. I love this time of year!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving with the Andersons

For Thanksgiving, we visited Betsy and Russ in Portand, Oregon.  I've never been to the Portland area before and this was a first for all of the kids.  We arrived Wednesday afternoon after traveling all day.  Russell's sisters and brother visited too and so we had a nice big group.  Thanksgiving is much more fun with LOTS and LOTS of people.


The kids loved playing with their cousins.  I especially loved watching Xander get some much needed boy time!  He is surrounded by girls all the time and it is so fun to watch him play with boys.

Thanksgiving morning, we played some football- even the girls!  I love to play, but usually, Ben just plays with the men. The little kids got to play their own game and I am so glad they did.  It was fun to watch them run around and throw the football.


We had a wonderful dinner and at one time I looked around at everyone cooking and thought, "We are just kids, trying to make a thanksgiving dinner!" Well I guess we are big kids now. Everything turned out great!

Ben and I tried to hit Walmart for the Black Friday sales but after parking a mile away, and walking into chaos, we turned right around and left.  There was a huge line, just to buy your things.  Not worth the wait for us!

Betsy and Russ let me take their family pictures.  There family is SO cute! We took them at Nike and you would never even know looking at the pictures.  The campus is amazing and just blows my mind.  I left wanting to work there!





Thank you for having us Andersons!