Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gobble. . .Gobble. . .Gobble till you wobble. . .wobble. . .wobble!

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We had my parents in town for Thanksgiving.  Holidays are just so much better when you are surrounded by family!  I also LOVE cooking big dinners.  I spent probably 5 hours straight cooking and eating the food took about 10-20 minutes depending on who you were.  Mia helped me make the table decorations which were fun to make. We made place settings for everyone.

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The day after Thanksgiving, we decided to head to San Francisco.  It was such a beautiful day!  I couldn't believe our luck!  It was the best weather I have ever experienced in San Francisco.  Blue skies, no fog, and no wind.  I wish I could have stayed the whole day there!  We headed to Crissy Field and took some family pictures quickly. I love taking pictures but when it comes to my own family, I can never get the shots I want because I have to be in the photo.  My Mom helped us out this year which was nice.

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Xander, Mia, Grandma and I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was awesome!  There was a ton of people there that day but we still had fun.  Grandpa wanted some yummy clam chowder so we got some food to go since I had a photo session that day.  I wish we had more time to spend in San Fran, the weather was just so awesome!

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Grandpa Armstrong's birthday was the next day.  We surprised him with a train ride on the Niles Canyon Railway.  It was a steam train with decorated lighted cars.  It was fun to see my Dad in his element. He used to work for a railroad company and helped repair the trains.  I think he had a really great time!

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The kids also had a wonderful time. I don't think they have ever been in a train like this before.  We've ridden in smaller kiddie trains or the BART train but this was an experience that I think they will remember for awhile.  Santa also visited each of the cars and the kids got to visit with him.  Grandma and Grandpa had alot of fun with him too posing for pictures and Grandpa pretended to kiss him on the cheek!  I think Santa was relieved when he moved onto the next family!  We're a little crazy!

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Christmas came early for the kids and they got to open presents up from Grandma and Grandpa.  They each got the perfect gift and were so happy!  Zoey got a makeup kit and absolutely loves it! She puts makeup on almost each day and I am subjected to her makeovers almost daily.  CJ got her batman pants that she was dying to get.  Xander got an Electronic playground for the scientist in him and Mia got some baby dolls.  She is pretty much obsessed with babies these days.  

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While Grandma was here, I helped her get started with online banking and even had her join Facebook.  She loves it and it is weird to see my 70 year old Mom "like" my status or picture.  One time I saw her comment with "lol", now that was even weirder!  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for coming!