Friday, November 2, 2007

Candy, candy, and more candy!

Candy, candy, candy! I think we have more candy than food here. Our candy supply began to grow at our ward's Halloween party where they did trunk or treating. On Halloween day, they had trick or treating down one of our business streets where the kids increased their candy supply yet one more time. They also gave out pumpkins and had fun games and prizes for them. Then if that wasn't enough Ben and I took the kids out at night. Oh yes, we are either the coolest parents in the world or the craziest.

Xander was the cutest. He totally got the idea of trick or treating. He would take his bucket up to the door and put his hand out in a "gimme" motion. If the people didn't let him choose and put the candy in his bucket, he would stay there with his hand stretched out until he got to choose for himself. So he may not have gone to as many houses but I think he still ended up with the same as the girls.

Then our Halloween was extended one more day. At Pixar, they have a costume parade and trick or treating the day after Halloween. It was fun for the kids to dress up again and of course get more candy. Betsy,Russ, and their kids were able to come too! We actually got to go through places we normally wouldn't be able to and watched The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in Pixar's theatre. It is a very fun atmosphere at Pixar.

Tons of candy everywhere really drives me crazy. Not that I am a health freak. I do enjoy candy every now and then. When CJ was little at Halloween time, I used to let her choose 5 candies a day to eat. I thought I was being pretty generous. Needless to say, the candy lasted FOR-EV-ER. Over the years, I have learned to just let the kids pig out and the candy is gone within a week. This year I have my doubts that the candy will be gone within a week, so I have taken some precautionary measures. I have very sneakily taken candy out of the kids bowls periodically. So far, I have 2 1/2 gallon size bags tucked away for who knows when. I guess until Ben reads this and finds my stash.

CJ is enjoying her afterschool enrichment cooking class. She comes home and immediately wants to make what they did in her class. Mia is learning her letters and will point them out wherever we go.

Xander is looking more like a toddler to me than a baby. He loves to kick soccer balls, makes "vroom" noises while scooting a toy car across the carpet, and is talking all the time. He also wrote his own novel called,"Waterfall Romance" in his spare time. We are hoping that it gets on New York Times Best Seller list. Check Barnes and Noble for a copy. We don't know if it will be found in the children's novels or romance novels.

We are still waiting to hear from Pixar about Ben continuing on there. He has applied to a few companies in the Bay area. We hope to be able to stay in the area, we really like it here.

Ben pointed out to me that the camera we bought is my toy. I have loved taking pictures and learning how to use the camera. I have taken over 1,000 pictures already. Yes, I am camera happy. Mia is getting sick of me taking pictures of her everyday. She is my favorite subject. Xander and CJ never stay in one place long enough.


The Stampers said...

Very cute Kids Val. They are getting so big. Please check our blog out at

Maxmomma said...

Oh, so cute Val!!!!! You all look awesome. I hear you on the candy thing- we immediately threw away at least Half of what Max got. Best wishes to you and Ben on jobs and keep us posted!

Abby Marie said...

those pictures are so cute! I love everyone's costumes! Pixar definitely sounds fun! This was the first year I haven't gone trick-or-treating in 19 years. Sad!

The Ben Porters said...

I know where the stash is! And only saw 1 1/2 half bags of candy, you must have miscounted. It's a common mistake, don't concern yourself too much with thoughts like "I was SURE there were 2 1/2 bags of candy". There wasn't. really. Just a half a bag. That's all. And it was only a small sandwich bag.

Valerie said...

Man, it is too bad the stash hiding place changes on a regular basis. I guess there will be plenty of candy after all.

The Stampers said...

Val you have been tagged. Please go look at my Blog!!