Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

My kids are SO cute! They made me the cutest cards, which just keep coming and Xander keeps bringing "presents" to my nightstand. Presents like his Batman toys. CJ just made up a song for me and sang it to me. I'm the luckiest Mom in the world!

In Mia's card, she had a question sheet that she filled out. I think her answers are funny. This is what it said:

My Mother's favorite color is purple.
My Mother's favorite food is macaroni.
My Mother's favorite animal is chicks.
My Mother's favorite TV show is America Home Videos.
When I am at school, my mom goes to preschool with my brother.
My Mother's favorite thing to do is clean house.
My Mom weighs about 76 lbs.
She is about 23 years of age.
I like it best when she combs my hair.

I think my favorite answer is how old she thinks I am and that I only weigh 76 lbs. I also crack up at the idea that my favorite thing to do is clean the house.

Ben also got me an hour massage. Can I tell you, I can't wait?


Last night was Ben's work party. Such a blast. I like to call it "Adult Prom". It's fun getting all dressed up and dancing like I'm a teenager. Ben and I were also a part of a flash mob. There were about 200 out of 2400 people at the party involved. A flash mob is a large group of people, at a set time and place, doing a choreographed dance out of the blue. You can see one here.

Yeah, Ben and I are SO cool!


Check out my roses from my rosebush. They are seriously gigantic!

So today we had our Family Home Evening and we played Simon Says. We were all sitting on the couch and CJ said, "Stand up." Mia jumped up and CJ said, "Simon didn't say." Mia shouted, "I had a wedgie, whatever!"

Then when it was Mia's turn to be Simon, it went like this, "Simon says, do the splits", she pops up in the air and lands straight down on the ground into splits. Everyone else just looks at each other dumbfounded.

Another one was,"Simon says do a bridge on your face". That's doing a bridge and turning your head so you can touch your face to the ground.

Guess who got out?

We were so glad when Mia was done!


Sarah said...

Does Mia do gymnastics or is she naturally limber? I always like my brothers with short head hair and no facial hair. Looks good Ben.

Andy Porter said...

What's your weight loss plan. 76 lbs! That's crazy!! I love to read those things. Addie said my favorite food was hot chili, which we've never had, and my favorite flowers were "regular".

Sarah, I think you should like your brothers that have facial hair too. It seems like a good Christian thing to do.

Andy Porter said...

P.S. We should plan a flash mob for Abby's wedding reception.

Valerie said...

Holy cow! I was thinking the same thing. Let's do it.

Kathy said...

"I had a wedgie!!" I'm dying laughing

Dave and Liz said...

Your family is awesome! I love reading what your kids have to say and do. Hope to see you guys soon.

Hannah said...

Mia is hilarious! "I had a wedgie!" ha ha ha

Abby said...

I am about to implode! I'm at work so i can't let out all the laughter I want to! hahahahhahahahahahaah. That is so funny. The roses are beautiful!