Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Xan is the Man!

I signed Xander up for Kids Love Soccer. This is a great program to get kids excited about playing soccer in a non competitive environment. They play fun games and even scrimmage each other. Out of all my kids so far, Xander seems to enjoy soccer the most.

When Xander met his coach, to my surprise, it was the same person who coached Mia when we lived in Alameda 3 years ago! Almost an hour away and 3 years later, we met up with Coach Chad.

He was great with the kids and knew how to make them laugh.


Xander learned that the most important rule in soccer is. . ."NO HANDS IN SOCCER!" You must yell it when you say it!

Xander is very coordinated and has a great spacial sense. I think we'll be doing soccer or maybe even basketball in the future! Maybe I'll even coach his team??


On another note, this is what poor Xander looks like. Last week he was complaining about a sore throat. He had a fever the first day of his complaints and had lost energy and his appetite. The next day he went to bed at 4:00p.m. Poor guy!

A couple days later, we noticed red sores on his face. The sores looked like zits to begin with and some began to crust over.


Xander acted fine and almost himself. It was Saturday and we had no idea what was going on. We kept him home on Sunday from church and a friend mentioned that I should look up Hand, Mouth and Foot disease.

I looked it up and read a couple of articles on it. It seemed like there were alot of similarities like tiredness, fever at first and then a couple days later the sores would appear. The big difference was that the sores were only on his face not his hands, mouth, or feet. The pictures I saw looked just like Xander's face and he complained that his mouth hurt even though I couldn't see any sores. The articles also said that we wouldn't necessarily see sores on all his hands, mouth and feet.

Ben and I were convinced he had it. I took him to the doctor on Monday and they said he had Strep throat and that on his face was Impetigo. He must have infected his face somehow. Now he is on an antibiotic and hopefully on his way to feeling healthy.

Love this boy!


Abby Watson said...

Poor guy! His face looks awful! Weird that the Impetigo affected such a large area--I'm just used to seeing a cold sore in one location. I wish we could see him playing soccer!

Sarah said...

Poor kid--Jared had strep too but not with the usual symptoms so by the time I took him to the Dr. it was pretty bad too.

Andy Porter said...

Those kids look so cute sitting on their soccer balls. I love it!

To answer your question...so far everyone has had a turn picking up the poop. There's a lot of it, so we are able to share the wealth. It's not so bad with a tiny dog. It might bug me when she gets bigger:)