Monday, December 10, 2007

Snow in California?

Yes, you heard it right! There was snow in the Bay area. In fact, Pixar was the only place to get hit with snow. The crazy thing is that there was only snow in one area on the grounds at Pixar. It was formed perfectly into a sledding hill. Man, California is full of surprises!

On Friday, we went to Ben's work party. It was so much fun. Besides the sledding hill, they had tons of crafts for the kids to do as well as yummy food to eat. The kids kept themselves entertained making candy houses, beaded necklaces, and crowns. After, we watched the Golden Compass. We had a fun night.

So we have the best news ever! Ben was given word that he would be extended at least 6 more months doing "run of show". Well when it was finally made official, he was extended 12 months and given a higher salary and benefits. I wanted to shout "Hallelujah" and climb to the highest mountain and shout praises. Luckily, there are no mountains close by, so we had to settle for little screams of happiness in our small apartment. We are so thankful and feel so blessed. Thanks to all of our family members who have been praying for us. You are the best!

Xander is showing you how we feel in our apartment. WE FEEL SO SQUISHED! We have decided to stay in our apartment ONLY because we really don't want to move at Christmas and after only 6 months. When our lease is up next summer we are hoping to find a 3 bedroom apartment. I'm sure it will cost a small fortune.

My cute mom and sister are coming to visit next week. I am so excited and even more excited for my kids to get some grandma love. My sister Autumn may just love it here with all the asians and never want to go back to school. After Christmas we will be heading to Utah and visit more family. So. . .have a very Merry Christmas,Feliz Navidad, and Happy Hanukkah!

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Abby Marie said...

That's really funny. I thought it had really snowed for a minute! What a fun place to work! I'm surprised that the parties are so kid friendly...I guess I shouldn't be though at a company that makes cartoons..I mean animations :) I can't wait to see you guys!!!