Sunday, December 30, 2007

F is for family!

F is for family, not "fetch" if your from Utah, or "fat" because that is how you feel after the holiday, or even "farfenoogan". I changed my post entry after writing about what we did during Christmas because judging from the response in our last blog, our "Most Noble friends" are obviously our family and hey, they were there.


So to honor our "Most Noble friends", I will tell you my most favorite thing about them during the time we were together. While playing charades, most of the focus is on the person trying to act out the clue, and little notice is given to the people who are guessing. Well, Betsy is definately my favorite guesser person to watch. I mean, who else jumps out of their seat, yelling answers out, all at the same time getting closer and closer to the person who is trying to act it out for everyone else.

I appreciate people like Russ who are grammer snobs. He may be reading this right now thinking about all of my grammer mistakes and thinking about dangling participles . My parents speak with "country grammer" and I have inherited it. My first year as a elementary school teacher a fellow colleague said to me, '"Valerie it is not "I seen", it's "I've seen" or "I saw"."' I wasn't offended, even at 22 years old, in fact, I worked really hard at correcting myself. I asked my roommate if she noticed I used "seen" incorrectly and she said "yes." I asked her why she didn't correct me and she said "I thought you were trying to be cute." Over the years, I have tried to steer away from "cute", thanks to people who are brave enough to correct me. So Russ, more power to ya!

Andy and Joe's house is decorated right out of a magazine, or, that is what you would think. Their house is filled with color and life. I love their homemade shelves and their choice of decorations. In fact, 10 years from now, or whenever we can afford a house, I am going to get some ideas from these people.


Since I am on the subject of family and favorite, I would like to share my top ten favorite things about this Christmas holiday in no specific order:

1. Doing a puppet nativity with my mom, Autumn, and the kids. The kings kept popping up at the wrong time! Ah hem, mom was that you?

2. Seeing my mom and Autumn bundle up like they were in a winter in Michigan. Did you forget you were in California?

3. Xander demanding that I hold his hand in the car.

4. CJ and her cousins making a picture slide show.

5. Finding Mia and her little cousins hidden in a small corner, giggling.

6. Watching Jim do Guitar Hero.

7. Playing games with Ben's siblings til 2:00 a.m.

8. Watching Kathy try to take a bite out of her 10 lb chocolate bar.
9. Jes' mohawk.

10.Mia, Porter, and Sam all taking a bath together.(That looks funny. Mia and Porter names together. Isn't that her name?)



The Stampers said...

I am glad your Christmas was fun. Looks like the kids had fun in the snow.

Abby Marie said...

Yeah I agree...I've never seen someone guess quite like Betsy. I like the picture of Xander in black and white with the colored necklace. I was wondering how to do that and now I know! We loved having you guys here!

TheOrderofthePorters said...

Val, your blog is so cute. We had so much fun with you guys here. I wish it could be more often. The kids and I loved looking at your pictures this morning. The kids especially appreciated that you have a picture of a bum. That made their day.
We love you!! Happy new year!!

Chandra Lee said...

Hey there! Ben, that is so cool that you are working at Pixar!! Your Mom sent me links to everyone's blogs so I had to come and say hey to everyone.

Val, I love your pictures. You inspire me to want to learn how to use Photoshop. And you definately have an eye for taking pictures. I can't wait to look at the rest of the pictures you have posted on your blog.

As with all of your siblings your children are beautiful. You Porters make some good looking kids! :)

Glad to hear that you are doing well and are healthy and happy. Happy New Year!