Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Val Day!

Ben and I are pounded 3 months in a row with possible gift giving opportunities. It all begins in December, the month where we feel the poorest, yet, we still want to get something for each other because it just feels right, and we've been good all year. Then January arrives and we celebrate our anniversary. I, myself, don't really care about getting a present for my anniversary. This year Ben wanted to get me a drill, and only a crazy person would say, "No". So then, I was forced to get him a gift,which was easy, because he told me what to get. So when February marches along only 2 weeks later, we are basically out of ideas.

This year I suggested we make something for each other. I came across the idea when I was writing in my journal and the previous cards Ben made me poked from the pages. In case you don't know,Ben is a paper master. I don't think there is anything he couldn't make out of paper. I bet he could make paper underwear that would last.

I made him decorative picture frames for his office,each containing very life esstential Pixar movie quotes like, "Oh I'm detecting nuttiness all right", "You're the boss, you're the big hairy boss!" and "I killed a man, with this thumb!" Just to name a few.


Ben made me a children's book about how we met using animal characters. The binding is even hand sewn. The book was so accurate, I don't know if it is a non-fiction or fiction book.

I think we have decided to get a gift for each other on Christmas, do something fun on our anniversary, and make something for each other on Val-Day. And then, for 9 months be bored. . . until December comes again!

Oh. . .I forgot, Ben gets slammed in May because my birthday is around Mother's day. He tries to blend them into one, but I won't let him. I suggested changing my birthday to another month, since I don't know when my real birthday is anyway. I think he is afraid, I'll somehow get away with 2 birthdays a year!

What I like to do in my spare time. . .



Ben Porter said...

It's actually even worse than it sounds. Our anniversary is only 2 weeks before Valentine's Day and Val's Birthday is in the same week as (and sometimes ON) Mothers Day.

The Stampers said...

oh how cute can your kids be.. I like your idea for val day too. As for what you said in my post I don't know who is Dave. They both are just a like right?

TheOrderofthePorters said...

Gifts are always good any time. The more expensive the item the better. I think the prophet counseled us to stay out of debt, however he also acknowledged there are a few things that are understandable; mortgage, car payment, doctor's bills, and presents for your wife. I give to my wife every day of the year and on the special days I refrain. She notices that those days are different, special, at least I hope so.