Sunday, May 11, 2008

My New Toy


Happy Birthday to me,
I'm no longer 30.
I think I'll go back in time,
So, now I'm 29!

My birthday is Wednesday, but I got my birthday present early. I love my new i-pod nano. It's very cute and slim. I even got a arm band to hold it in. Now when I run, I look somewhat professional. I think what I would have to get next to complete the ensemble would be either really short, shorts, or really tight ones. That is what I have been noticing the "professional" runners wear on the trail. My basketball/soccer shorts just make me look like a runner-wanna-be and that is where I will stay, for now. Unless wearing the shorties or tighties cut down your time!

So, I got myself all pumped to run the half marathon in Utah and when I finally came back down to earth and started to look at the entire situation, it looks like we are not going to be able to come. Ben only has a couple days vacation then and we would have to take an unpaid day. With the cost of gas in the picture, it just wouldn't be ideal for us because we would be driving every one of those days except one and we would want more time visiting with the family. Ben said I could fly to Utah and run, and I was just torn. I don't know if I could run my first half-marathon alone and I want Ben to be there at the finish line.

I looked online and found a race the same day nearby. There are 2 differences. First, it is a trail run and second, it's only 12.2 miles. I figure, the trail will be pretty and heck, 12.2 is close enough to 13.1. So hey, if anyone wants to run the race in Bryce Canyon under my name, feel free. I'm already registered and you can have the t-shirt too! Russ, Joe, Kathy, Caleb, and Kendell. . .I'm talking to you.


Ben and the kids gave me a great Mother's day. I got some pretty lilys and a Ben original, homemade card. I love it. It reminds me of the children's author/illustrator, Eric Carle. CJ made me a story at school about favorite memories, Mia made me a card and handprint, and Xander gave me a tissue flower. Man, I have the best family!


The Stampers said...

Love the picture. What a great Mothers day. You do have a great family. Happy Mothers Day.

Abby Marie said...

so sad to hear you won't be running with us, but that trail one sounds like a lot of fun! My New Zealand professor prefers trail running I think. Well hopefully I'll be able to come out with mom and dad at the end of July to see you guys!

Valerie said...

I'm bummed too Abby! I went running today and didn't have as much motivation. I hope I can do it without someone doing it with me! I hope you can come in July! It will be great to see everyone.

TheOrderofthePorters said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow Val!! What a fun present too!
I hope you have a great day tomorrow!! We love and miss you!! I wish you were running with us. That's a bummer that it's not going to work out. Too bad you already registered and everything. I'm glad you had a good Mother's day. You are a great mommy!!

Valerie said...

Thanks Andy! You're a great mommy too!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Val!! I've started running too, but still can't commit to the race since I'm still not sure if we can make it out there at that time. I hope your birthday was fun!

Valerie said...

Thanks Sarah! Are you planning a visit to Utah this summer?

Betsy said...

Just so you know, I posted a long comment on your birthday, but I don't know where it is. Maybe it ended up on another post--I'll have to look. Anyway, I wrote to say Happy Birthday and that I really love your preschool post. I'm giving Porter some daily "structure" in the form of lessons, books, activities so he can learn to sit still in hopes he stops getting kicked out of nursery. My preschool pales in comparison to yours, but I do use all your ideas. Thanks!!

Valerie said...

Awesome Betsy! Someone was blog surfing and bookmarked my preschool blog and it just gave me a great idea. After my preschool is over, I am going to keep my blog up so I can post ideas and activities that people can do at home with their kids.