Saturday, July 12, 2008

My First Book

I just finished this book I have been working on for over a year. I wanted to compile pictures and stories about my parents childhood to present day. It has been a long project and even harder since my parents are 2,391 miles away and they don't use the internet. It was so fun to see the end project and to see it in a "real" book.

I've even ditched scrapbooking and have been working each month on the kid's books. It wasn't hard to leave the scrapbooking scene, since I really only did it for the kids. They have loved looking through their books and seeing themselves, so it was worth it. Making a hard bound book is a win-win situation; the kids still get a book, and I can have fun doing something I like too! My plan is to have a whole year in a book before I publish it.

In other events. . .

We have been moving things over each day. I haven't figured out which is better, to cram the moving in one day and getting it over with or doing a little bit each day and stretching the exhausting moments into weeks.

CJ is so dark, when you look at her, all you see is the whites of her eyes.

Mia and Ben have had bonding moments dumpster diving.

Xander loves WALL-E, even though he is the only one in the family who hasn't seen it.

We're excited to see part of Ben's family in a couple of weeks. My kids can't stop talking about them. Neither can Ben!


Dave, Liz, and Jonah said...

That is great that you have worked on that and go it done.... How do you do your cute back grounds? You are probably one of those talented people that know how to do that stuff. We Love you guys!

Valerie said...

Photoshop my friend, photoshop.