Thursday, March 25, 2010

Then, I'll do it by myself. . .

Kids amaze me.

The learning process amazes me.

Mia amazes me.

Mia is a very determined girl. She will keep trying and trying until she gets it right. She basically taught herself how to ride a bike. She is a very quick learner. It's funny how, for lack of a better word, lazy, you can be after your first. With CJ, she learned to ride the bike because I felt it was time. Through many tears, tons of crying and complaining she finally learned.


With Mia, I kinda forgot about teaching her with all the other kid distractions. It seriously amazes me how kids learn. I've decided that they learn the best when THEY are ready, not when YOU are ready.
No crying or whining or tears! Only laughing and giggling. Seriously, the cutest thing was listening to her when you helped her balance and gave her a push. She just giggled and enjoyed the rush of going fast.

One day she decided that she was going to do it and it didn't take very long until she did. Love this girl!

Have you ever noticed that some of your children's personality are similiar to yours? Mia has a goofy side that is very much like me.


Not that I walk around stuffing my shirt.


She came out one day with this hair do. Pretty smart. She could wear it to school one day. The teacher instructs them to color their worksheet.

Does she open her desk to take out her markers? NO! She pops them out of her hair.

Lady Ga Ga would copy her hairstyle and Mia would be famous.

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Andy Porter said...

Her prego pose is hilarious. She's got the hands right on her hips and everything. Congrats on learning to ride a bike!! I'll have to show the pics to Addie!