Friday, June 11, 2010

All about Mia


Mia had her kindergarten graduation today. She chose to wear this pink dress, which just happens to be the same dress that CJ wore to her kindergarten graduation. That was pretty amazing considering how select Mia is about her clothes. She won't wear something no matter how pretty it looks, if it feels funny to her or for whatever reason.

I just showed this picture to Mia and asked? "Who is this?" as I pointed to CJ.
Mia replied, "Me!"
I said, "No that's CJ".
Mia then said, "She looks like me."
I said, "Because you're sisters!".


The kids did a very informal program. They sang these very cute songs about sight words like "go" and "here". Here are Mia's favorite lines from some of the songs:

Have you ever seen a froggy sitting in a pond?

G-O, G-O, G-O
I can spell "go".
Go to school

From what Mia's teacher has told me she is a wonderful helper and friend especially to another student who has special needs.

She gets frustrated at times but is a very hardworker. She loves to write and can even read her own writing!

I love reading with Mia. She is so stubborn and does not like me to help her at all. Mia can read some early first grade books. I make it a point to tell her that and she gets a kick out of it.


The other day Ben was reading a chapter book and Mia told him that she wanted to read one too! He gave her Harry Potter and Mia sat down with the book and began figuring the words out. I love it!


They got a kindergarten certificate and hugged their teacher. I brought Mia some flowers and took her picture. I asked her later about her flowers and she said confused, "What flowers?" She had no idea that the flowers I had her pose with, were actually hers!


Yay! First grade for Mia! That just happens to be my favorite grade. Wink. Wink.

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