Sunday, June 6, 2010

CJ's birthday


CJ turned 11 yesterday! Since my birthday, CJ has made it known almost everyday whose birthday was coming next. Only 2 more weeks until my birthday. . .5 more days until my birthday. . . Kinda reminds me of myself when I would say on my birthday, "Only 364 more days until my birthday!"

We took CJ bowling for her birthday and everyone had a blast! I enjoyed watching the kids play and have fun.


Here's a video of Xander bowling. Ben was afraid that on one of his turns his ball would just stop.

CJ and Mia pretty much dominated the entire game. You can see my pathetic score below. I was tied with Xander at one point and I was really trying hard!


I should've taken a picture of the ending score. Ben won but just by a few followed by Mia and then CJ! Mia scored over 100 points! She probably would have won had we not experimented with the "ramp" (where you just put the ball on top and push). I think they are for someone who is handicapped. Anyways, we used them for CJ when she was a toddler and it worked great, but for some reason, Xander and Mia did better without it.

Zoey had fun just chillin' and eating graham crackers!


I let CJ choose what kind of cake and what we would make for dinner. She chose lemon cake and hawaiian pizza.

I looked up some different ways to make the lemon cake on and found an easy recipe. Unfortunately, while stacking the cakes, I cracked the top layer and it just slid off and cracked even more. I tried to put it back together with a skewer, but it fell apart anyways!

This isn't the only thing that has bombed for me in the kitchen and I'm sure it won't be my last!


I saved the bottom layer and fixed it as best as I could. It still tasted great!


It's been exciting watching CJ mature in so many ways. Ben took her out to spend her birthday money last night. Most years, CJ would buy the cheapest things because she wanted to get the MOST with her money.

Last night, I was amazed. She has been saving her money lately and with her birthday money combined, she came out with a nice digital camera. I was so proud of her. She even had some left over and I would have thought she would have spent the rest on candy or something like that BUT she brought it home to save it for Disneyland!

Where is CJ and what have you done with her????

Just kidding. It just makes me happy that the lessons we have been giving her over the years about saving her money and getting something that we really want has payed off!


Happy birthday CJ! Only 363 more days until your birthday!


Andy Porter said...

Happy b-day beautiful girl!!! We can't wait to see you!!

Hannah said...

Happy birthday to CJ! I CAN"T believe she's 11! Looks like a super fun birthday...nice save on the cake. I'm counting down days until you guys come out here...yea!

Abby said...

She told me all about her Bop magazine with Justin Beiber on the front cover! I said, "oh, he is SO cute" and then C.J.said... "i knnooooww!" IT was funny. I love her to death and I'm so nervous for her to go to middle school! She'll do great though, i know it. see you guys soon!

Hannah said...

Oh....and don't worry so much, Ben. We've had many a ball stop before it gets to the end. The people working there will go fetch it for you.