Sunday, January 2, 2011

The ABC's of Christmas

A is for Arizona
We went to Arizona for Christmas and visited with Grandma/pa Armstrong.

B is for Bokeh
Bokeh is the blur effect that you can do with your camera. This is an experiment that I have been wanting to try. Make a lens cover out of paper and use a punch out of any shape hole puncher you have and you can create something like this:

C is for Cristus
Grandma Armstrong took us up to the Mesa Temple and Christ is what this season is all about.

D is for Dancing
Zoey is our dancer. If there is music playing, a tune to be heard, this little girl cannot control the urge to DANCE!

E is for Eucre
Ben and I play Eucre ALOT when we are with my parents. I'm a little competitive and got this trophy to give to the winner at the end of our visits. Last year, my parents were the reigning champions until. . .NOW! Boo-yah!

F is for Fentons
Grandma/pa Porter came from Utah to visit us after we got back from Arizona. Fentons is a Porter tradition!

G if for Gifts
The kids were showered with gifts from Grandparents and their Aunt Darcy and Uncle Dustin. On top of that, they earned gold coins for two weeks by doing service and good deeds. The gold coins were traded in for cash and they used that money to buy their sibling a gift. Xander worked so hard for Mia and bought her 3 presents!

H is for Hearts
We played card games a ton this break. Hearts was a game that I haven't played forever. It was fun to learn it again.

I is for IPOD Nano
CJ got an IPOD Nano for Christmas! Her biggest wish came true!

J is for Jelly Belly Factory
While Caleb and Grandma/pa Porter were in town, we visited the Jelly Belly Factory. With it being the holidays, we waited in line for at least an hour! The wait was worth it to the kids as they got a designer Jelly Belly hat and free Jelly Bellys to eat at the end of the tour!

K is for Karaoke
Mia's favorite gift is her karaoke machine and her keyboard. CJ gave her her old IPOD and Mia can hook it up to her karaoke and sing the day away.

L is for Lights
This season we saw the lights at the Oakland and Mesa Temple. The Mesa Temple grounds were covered with thousands of lights; it was amazing!


M is for Mines
We went up towards the Lost Dutchman Mines while we were in Arizona. They have this really fun old western town. The kids got some fools gold and that was about it! Everything else was so expensive!


N is for Nativity
At the Mesa Visitor Center they had a creche display. Nativities from all over the world were displayed.

O is for Ornaments
We kept the tradition of making ornaments this year. We used teeny tiny boxes that Ben got off the free shelf and everyone had to made it into something. This is always a lot of fun for the kids.

P is for Polar Express
We had a Polar Express party at our house. This is something I have thought about doing for years, but never had a big enough place to do it. All the kids came dressed up in their pjs. We watched the Polar Express and had hot chocolate and cookies. When they went home, they each got a candy cane with a little bell to help them to remember to "BELIEVE".

This also was fun for me to help the Moms out by giving them a couple hours to last minute shop or do whatever. In the end, the kids couldn't keep focused on the movie and really, all they wanted to do was play!

Q is for Quilt
My mother in law had a blog giveaway for all the girls. She had several quilts that we all got to choose from. She randomly picked names and I was last. But look at this quilt! I'm still a winner!

R is for Receiving cards/letters
One of the best things this year for me was to receive Christmas cards with pictures I have taken on them! One of my friends sent me one and Betsy and Russ did too! Thank you for making my day! Also, the kids got a letter back from Santa. It was addressed to the PORKER KIDS! Hilarious! Is Santa trying to give my kids a complex?

S is for Swimming
The kids swam everyday while we were in Arizona!

T is for Trailor
My parents live in a trailor during the winter months in Arizona. We found out what the maximum capacity was for their trailor. It can fit 2 comfortably and 8 is pushing it!

U is for Umbrellas
Aunt Darcy sent the kids a gift card to Target. Mia was very careful in her selections and came home with a giant black and white zebra umbrella, a black purse, and black and white flowered pants. See a pattern?

I got a rainbow one that is so big, I can fit all my kids under it.

V is for Visits
2 visits with 2 sets of grandparents, 2 visits from Santa and 1 visit from Great Grandma/pa!

W is for Waffle Cones
Betsy and Russ got us a Waffle Cone maker for Christmas. We have used it several times already. Tonight we tried making chocolate ones. Delicious! We love it!

X is for Xander the Iron Man
Xander got an Iron Man mask, Iron Man hand that lights up and shoots darts, and an Iron Man arc reactor. After years of loving Spiderman, Xander has branched out to a new superhero.

Y is for Yummy treats
Ben made these giant cookies on a stick at one of his many work parties.

Z is for Zoey's car
Zoey's biggest gift and I mean that literally, was a car of her very own. Thanks Uncle Dustin! She loves it.


Whew! If you made it this far, you are a blog champion! Thanks for sticking around!


Hannah said...

Sounds like you had a fun holiday! I'm glad! Thanks, again, for the movie and tile...I have it up in my living room right now. Missed you guys!

Sarah said...

I love your ABC's! Scott and I went to the Jelly Belly Factory when Kaitlyn was a baby. I also love your quilt. There were really no bad choices.

Andy Porter said...

I can't believe you legitimately found something for every letter of the alphabet. Way cute!! We wished "T" was trip to Utah, but we'll keep our fingers crossed for next year:)

McCallisters said...

Good times for the Porters! I'm glad your Christmas break was so fun!

The Pixton Family said...

Looks like a blast! We miss you guys.

Maxmomma said...

What fun! I am still laughing over "The Porkers"- love those elementary kiddos. When I was student teaching, a kid wrote a thank you note that began "Dear BYU fiend". Ah!

Maxmomma said...

P.S. Your pictures are simply amazing.

Heidi said...

Funfunfun! Love that bokeh effect! I do plan to blog about my fab pics that you took but it's going to be part of my book blog tour at the end of the month. Lots of people will be visiting my blog then, . .

Dave and Liz said...

What a fun December. I'm glad you all had a lovely Christmas.