Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ben is 35. . .I mean 36

The kids and I could not get it right. We thought that Ben was turning 35. I don't think Ben minded at all. In fact, he declared from this time forth he will be 35 forever.

I worked all week making cake pops that he requested. I surprised him with Pixar themed ones. You can check my other blog for a tutorial.


I delivered them to work and ate lunch with him. I only had Zoey with me. It was so weird to not have as many kids attached to me. I felt a little lighter even.


We had pizza, of course, for dinner and we sang "Happy Birthday" to Ben as Zoey blew out the first batch of his candles.


After dinner, I took Ben out for a game of lazer tag. We dominated the game and won!

Well. . .we dominated an 8 year old and his dad and won.

We decided to celebrate a little longer and went to see "Cowboys and Aliens". Ben loved it.
As for me, it had aliens in it, which I am not a big fan of aliens. Aliens and real animals that talk are probably the only two things about movies that bug me.

All in all, a great day! Happy Birthday Ben!


Abby Watson said...

Ditto to the aliens and real animals who talk. I told Kam he's got to see cowboy's and aliens without me.

Emily said...

WOW - those cake pops are incredible!

Michael Family said...

Those cake pops rock. You should e-mail that picture to Bakerella!