Tuesday, July 31, 2007

How's it been, Ben?

Thought I might tell you how Ben is doing lately. He has finished his training and started his first real work week on Monday. He said Monday was boring with tons of reading to do. Today he was working on texturing cloth (in English it means "texturing clothes") for the 2009 Pixar movie, "Up." He just warned me and said that is all I can say about what he is doing, so I must oblige. I really like his job and how he enjoys it and we want to keep it that way. I am in fact benefiting in the home because he actually likes his job. Ben comes home from work and empties the dishwasher without me asking, leaving me confused, yet, really happy. I start to notice things like the toilet paper roll being replaced in the right place and not left on the counter. Ben taking the initiative and helping out with the kids. At first, I became suspicious thinking that he wanted another computer or something like that (that is how he acquired his laptop). I asked him why the change of attitude these days and he says "I don't know, it must be because I like my job." I hope we stay at Pixar FOR-EV-ER!

CJ is making new friends and is learning how to be a good example. It has been fun for me to help her learn how she can be a leader and help her friends make good choices. Mia has a marble jar where she earns marbles when she does not scream or whine and instead tell us what she wants or ask nicely etc. It has helped and she enjoys earning treasure box prizes. It would be wonderful if when she turns 3 (which is very soon) her screaming and tantrums magically stop and her terrible 3's become terrific 3's. And then. . . I wake up.

Xander is walking all the time. He hasn't gotten the rhythm down yet, but that doesn't stop him from trying. He also loves to use forks and spoons like a civilized being. Ben says that Xander must look like him because every time he looks at him, he sees Caleb and Joe and since they are his brothers, he must look like him.

Here are some pictures of CJ and her friends, when we went to the Oakland Temple pageant and some other random ones!


Russell said...

So, now I'm confused. Are you saying that if I put the toilet paper on the roll and empty the dishwasher I can get a new laptop?

The Ben Porters said...

No, your wife is smarter.

The Ben Porters said...
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Kathy said...

Oh How I miss you guys! Valerie, you are a marvelous writer! I love these blog things. And Ben, I love you, have always loved you, will always love you, and I'm so proud of you for emptying the dishwasher. I think Val is lying about the toilet paper. LOVE mOM