Friday, July 20, 2007

Xan the Man!

Xander feels left out because his picture was not included in the blog. He told me he has been working so hard these days trying to impress me enough so I would post something about him and only him. His best efforts include walking 5 steps all by himself, clapping and saying, "Yay", getting down from the couch by himself, and drinking out of his sippy cup with no hands. So I finally gave in.

Yesterday we were at the beach and Xander took a large handful of sand and shoved it into his mouth. It must have tasted good because seconds later, he took another handful and shoved it in too! Let's take a minute and talk about hair. Hair on the other hand is plentiful in our place. I hate to say it, but it is all mine! I somehow am able to shed millions of single strands of hair everywhere and yet I still have a thick lucious mane. Xander's main mode of transportation is still crawling and so he's on his hands all the time. I watched him the other day feed himself food along with several strands of my hair that I tried to rescue before it disappeared into his mouth. So what do you think is better to eat, sand or hair?

Xander's path of destruction begins with taking the books he can reach and throwing them on the floor followed by pulling and slapping together the long blinds that hang in our living room and topped off with a lively unexpected attack on Mia who is left helpless and crying. I don't get upset at him throwing the books around, if he'd only read a couple pages first. And the blinds, I could do without. And I figure what goes around, comes around. Xander annoys Mia, Mia annoys CJ, and CJ annoys Xander-so everything equals out in the end, right?


Russell said...

Do you think it would be fun if we came over on Sunday?

Abby Marie said...

Wow that kid is too cute! When Grandma Porter heard that Joe and Andy are having another girl she said, "oh we were hoping for a boy, there aren't many porter boys to carry on our name" So far we have Xander and Caleb but he's still got awhile before he starts producing children. ANyway, I think that makes Xander extra special...his cute face does it too though I guess! Tell the girls I say Hi and that I miss everyone!

kpquiltmom said...

I miss my babies!!!! (That includes CJ, Val and of course Ben) Love MOM