Saturday, January 5, 2008

CJ, my hero.


So I have to tell you about my favorite biggest girl. Her name is CJ. Most of you know that when I was married, I became a wife and a mother at the same time. It was a difficult adjustment at the beginning. I remember being overwhelmed at times. Through it all, CJ has helped me be a better mother over the years.

The other day I was just listening to CJ play with Mia and felt so much love for this kid. She is such a good example to her little sister Mia and trys really hard. Sometimes,CJ can get Mia to do things I can't. For example, getting Mia's nightclothes on. Mia will be putting up such a fight, when all of a sudden CJ comes around and says, "If you put your nightclothes on, I'll paint your toenails." Mia will quickly say, "Okay" and does what CJ asks.

I remember my mother telling me that even though I didn't grow under her ribs that I was still hers and that I was special because she got to choose me. My parents are great examples of how you can love someone as your child no matter how they came to you and no matter where they came from. CJ is definately my girl. Although, she may not share my physical traits (although we fool most people),she is mine 100%!

So you see, I love CJ and yes, she is my hero. The end.


Maxmomma said...

Valerie- I love that!

What a cool quote that just because you didn't grow under your mother's ribs, you are still hers because she got to choose you.
Mia is one awesome girl- and she is lucky to have such an amazing mother. I have always been very touched by good relationships that aren't blood-bound per se (though the bond is just as strong and legitimate!)- In high school I bawled when I read Lincoln's biography because his step mother was good to him after his real mother's death. My friends still tease me that I bawled through Lincoln, but there is little as touching to me as that love that is genuine because it is chosen.

Beautiful picture, by the way. I have got to learn how to do that. Are you sure you don't want to move back to Utah and teach me how? :)

Happy New Year!

Russell said...

One time we wished it would snow so much that we'd have to dig a tunnel to get to the sidewalk. It didn't but we pretended it did in the basement for a day or so.

Ben Porter said...

Wow! CJ sure is a good little helper! I love your blog! Your pictures are awesome too! You have a cool husband too! And on top of all that, you're Kate Bekinsale's biggest flaw!