Sunday, January 27, 2008

I love my kids!


Mia is in a soccer class and she loves it! As Ben was tucking her into bed one night he was talking about what her soccer class may be like. "Even if there are lots of kids all around, try to kick the ball." Mia replied, "I will kick them (referring to the other kids) HI YAH (as she did a kung fu motion)!"


One of Xander's favorite pasttimes is emptying the pots and pan cupboard. He loves banging on them creating a beautiful melodious sound. He also likes climbing in them and that's why I decided to cook him for dinner. Don't try this at home unless you have adult supervision. Just kidding, this picture is one of my photoshop experiments.


I can think of a list of reasons why I would like to move out of our apartment. The other day CJ made living here more bearable. Out of the blue she says,"I love our apartment." She said it with such sincerity it made me think about the saying, "Home is where your heart is." We may not have a house, but we will always have a home. Thanks CJ!


TheOrderofthePorters said...

Your kitchen looks awesome. I love the tile backsplash. You'll have to post more pictures of your apartment so we can see what it looks like. I really really love the pictures of your kids. They are so GOOD!! You really have a talent for photography.

Thanks for the B-day card too. It was nice of you to send the picture of our fam. I hope you guys had a fun anniversary.

Valerie said...

Andy, unfortunately that kitchen is not mine but some lucky person from the worldwide web. I will only have to post one picture of our apartment because, sadly,it will all fit. When Joe's here we'll give him the 5 second tour and it'll give him a new appreciation of his house. I think that is our purpose here in California.

Russell said...

I'm pretty annoyed that the picture of Xander was faked.