Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thank you Easter Bunny!


We got our share of Easter egg hunts this year. Normally, we don't go to the community Easter Egg hunts because it is too chaotic and the kids end up with one egg or nothing. We usually count on the cousin Easter egg hunt with Ben's family. Since the drive was a little too long, we opted to try the community one this year. It turned out to be a pleasant experience for everyone including the parents. They had activities and games set up for the kids as well as the hunt. The kids got plenty of treats and everyone left happy.

Mia and Xander had an Easter Egg hunt with their playgroup. They had to battle with the squirrels for the eggs. One of the squirrels stole an egg and ran up the tree and sat there trying to open it. It was so funny.

CJ said to Ben a week before Easter, "I think Mom is the Easter bunny." She finally figured it out and we didn't try to cover it up. It may be any day now that she will figure out that there is no tooth fairy,leprechaun and Santa. It was fun while it lasted. Wait a minute! I know what you are thinking. "There's a leprechaun?" Well, of course there is! This year, CJ reminded me that the leprechaun forgot to come and bring candy gold pieces. I quickly told her it was because they forgot to make the leprechaun latters to help the leprechaun reach there bed. Having kids sure make the holidays more fun.


TheOrderofthePorters said...

How cute that a squirrel grabbed an egg. That is so funny.
Joe hates the idea of leprechauns. He thinks that it is ridiculous and deceptive. I find that very funny because he doesn't feel that way about all the other imaginary creatures that we so diligently labor to deceive our children with year after year. I guess he just doesn't like little people.

Ben Porter said...
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