Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You know if you live in California if. . .

California or the Bay Area (Ben says I need to specify) is definitely different than other places I have lived. Here are some of my findings. You know you live in California (or the Bay Area) if. . .

1. Everyone is passionate about being "Green".
2. Ben, my Caucasian husband is the minority, not me.
3. Schools don't celebrate holidays because they don't want to offend other cultures, I assume.
4. The highway has stop and go traffic at various times all throughout the day.
5. There are more sushi places than pizza.
6. Having sand toys is as important as having a bike.
7. There are Starbucks on every corner.
8. Everyone and their grandma has at least one dog.
9. The parks are gorgeous and well kept.
10. Houses only cost a small fortune.

I'm sure those who have lived in California longer could add more to this list. I've lived in Seoul, Korea for my first two years of life and don't remember a lick of it. Then I lived in Detroit, Michigan for 16 years. Rexburg, Idaho for 2 1/2 years, and Utah for 9 years. Then of course, here we are in California. I don't know where to call home these days. Where have you lived? Where's home?


TheOrderofthePorters said...

I think that wherever you are at the moment you should think of as home. Otherwise you'll always feel like you're missing something. I am kind of jealous of you guys. I think it would be a lot fun to live someplace else for a while and get some fun new experiences. It looks like a really neat place to live.

Valerie said...

Very well put. I think you and Joe should move out here. Maybe with our combine income we can afford some small cottage. I'm sure the new experiences would be endless.