Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Some of my favorite sayings or things about Xander. . .

Xander: Oooww my tummy hurts.
Me: Xander, what does your tummy feel like?
Xander: Green.


I got water in Xander's eyes and he said, "You got water in my eyes, say sorry." Xander does this alot. He tells me what I should say.

Yesterday, I was doing something but promised that I would play with him after. He instructed me, "Say, Xander I done."


Today we were picking up Mia at school and he said he hurts (because he doesn't go potty when he should and holds it) and pulled down his pants to show me where it hurt in front of all of the parents. I quickly told him to pull up his pants and searched for a restroom.

Down the hall I spotted a "boys" restroom and thought, "Oh, Xander's a boy" and walk right in. There are urinals there and Xander goes potty standing for the first time. Another boy walks in and says, "What the heck?" My first thought was, "Oh, must be because my double stroller is in the doorway." Then it occurred to me that I was a girl in the boy's room. What the heck was I doing there?

Xander exclaimed as we left, "That fun!".


Xander was sitting too close to me, almost on top of me. I said, "Xander, you're sitting too close." Xander says, " But I yuv you. I yuv you." It was too cute. Guess who won?


He has tons of swords and recently got more from his birthday. He got this really cool one from Disneyland that lights up and a light saber on his birthday. The other day he said to me, "Those my favorite light sabers, ever!"


One day Xander put his arm around my shoulders and said, "Dad need take picture of us. You my best friend." I heard him singing later, "Take a picture of my best friend. . ." It's a song from Imagination Movers (his favorite show).


Yesterday I took him out and took some pictures of him. I was very limited on light and only had a short time. I'm not completely satisfied with the pictures. I think I'll take him out again.


He was like Mia when I took her out. She kept posing everytime I took a picture of her. It was hard to get anything candid. Besides posing for me, Xander couldn't stay still for a second. Like the picture above, his arms kept moving and all I heard out of his mouth was something like this, "ahh lalu lalu ahh grrr lalu lalu". How do you type boy noises?

Or I would get pictures like this:


Xander's new thing is bee boppin'. He saw someone do it on the "Electric Company". So every now and then we hear Xander go "boo pa chu boo boo pa chu wikki wikki" (Man, typing sound words is hard). I love the "wikki wikki" that he sticks in it. You also get a saliva shower if you are anywhere near him.


Xander is my little man and yep, we're best friends!


Lora said...

I just love this kid!!! Oh..."The Xandoo"--that is what we call him around here, because, well that is what Livy calls him. Don't you love it when your kids say that you are their best friend? When they say something like that it makes a really hard day, and all of the moments when you just want to strangle them, so worth it. Livy just screeched with joy seeing all of these pictures of Xander. Thanks for sharing them. He is such a fun little man! And SO Handsome! :)

Abby said...

I LOVE those pictures. He is such a cutie!!!! I love him so much! It's hard to get a bad picture when you have such good lookin kids! Good work!

hanndallfam said...

Thanks for the birthday card to Luke! He loved getting it! And Happy late birthday to Ben! (I swear I noticed it was his birthday, I just didn't do anything about it). Love you guys!

Andy Porter said...

I am so cracking up that you were in the boys bathroom and didn't even think about it!!! That is just too funny. My favorite is that he says his tummy feels green. What a cutie!! It's so fun to hear little Xander-isms. I wish we could spend more time with you and your kids. I miss seeing them grow up. I'm glad you take lots of pictures....and I can't believe you're not satisfied with those shots...they look so good!!!

Sarah said...

He is SOOOO cute! And Jared tries to bee boop from Electric Company too. It mostly drives us crazy. I also thought of Ben like 5 times on his birthday and everyday after I think "I'm going to email Ben and tell him Happy Birthday." But, then I forget! Sorry Ben!

Valerie said...

Don't worry Hannah and Sarah, I'll pass the message along. By the way Ben's family and friends, thanks for being so awesome and for making me feel excited about blogging again. I will not be taking out my depression in my blog. We've made up and I promised my blog I won't publish anything depressing again. Only happy things.

P.S. You don't have to comment all the time if you don't want to. I know you read it. Thanks.