Sunday, October 3, 2010

General Conference Notes

I usually make General Conference packets for the kids, but today I decided to teach them how to take notes. They did a great job and I was so impressed with them. They each were able to take notes on their individual levels.

Xander drew a picture of Jesus, Heavenly Father, and him. After drawing this, he spent the rest of the time creating his own game of bowling and practiced some soccer moves.

Mia took notes upon notes upon notes of notes! Ben kept feeding her more paper and Mia would fill up it with things that she heard and saw. The middle picture is of an "elf", I don't know when she heard that!

CJ did an awesome job organizing her notes. We talked about the theme of each talk and how to identify it. I loved how CJ recognized Bible stories that were shared because of what she has learned in Primary.

It was a great Conference and since Zoey slept for part of it, I was able to listen to most of it! It has been a great Sunday so far. During the break we are getting our Halloween decorations out and our kids are thrilled to pieces! I wonder where they get that from?

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Tyler, Lisa, Levi, and Kai said...

Thanks for sharing that. Made me teary. SO sweet!