Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things I've learned. . .

1. It's okay to blog even if you don't have a picture.
2. Staying overnight with your girlfriends in Monterey without any kids, is very refreshing.
3. Ben loves me and will never tell me that I'm getting fat, even if I know I am.
4. It's okay to think that my kids are the cutest in the world because I know it's true.
5. Getting a sleigh bed is very cool.
6. "Terrible Twos" could send me to my grave early if the two year old weren't so cute!
7. It's healthy to think about what's good for me.
8. I could take down Ben in a proper wrestling ring. Deep down, he knows it too.
9. Zits are not just for teenagers, although they should be.
10. Ben is excited about his Vidal Sassoon class on Friday and I shouldn't be worried he's really into hair these days.
11. Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.
12. CJ is growing fast and there's nothing I can do about it.
13. Making friends takes effort.
14. Mia is a mini me in so many ways.
15. Xander is a candyholic and may need counseling.

The end.


justamom said...

Wow...amen on so many of those. I am having a hard time figuring out how to make girl friends, and not getting fat :) Well, get Ben to get Dan a job and we'll work on those together!

Abby Marie said...

do you think maybe Ben is really into hair because he knows everyday his forehead gets bigger?

Valerie said...

That's probably true Abby! We just won't tell Ben that we know his secret. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Kori, it's comforting knowing that I'm not the only one. If we lived by each other, we'd be hanging out. I'm sure of that!

Andy Porter said...

I love your list! It makes me miss you!!

Andy Porter said...

I love your list! It makes me miss you!!

Kathy said...

Ha Ha Ha I love you Val!

Ben Porter said...

Abby, My forehead may be getting bigger, but that is just because my hair is sliding backwards off my head and down my neck. As my forehead grows, so does my mane (They always said I was a lion)!

hanndallfam said...

Gross Ben! And Andy misses you guys double time. How did she post the exact same thing at the same time...twice? Anyway, i miss you too. I can't WAIT for Christmas time and the cabin and having time to catch up with you!