Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Musings of a Pregnant Lady

It’s 8:30p.m. I’m due for my nightly puking fest. Am I excited? Oh, completely. This is what makes it real for me. I think I will author a book titled, “What Not to Eat before you Puke.” Take for example the other night. I threw up three times in a row. How do you ask, do I complete such a feat? Well, the answer is easy. . .taco soup. There is nothing like throwing up chunks and chunks and then choking on the chunks coming up. I love it when my eye balls feel like they are going to pop out of their sockets and tears stream from my eyes. I can barely talk after because my throat is raw. I’m a champion. So taco soup is a no. Bland and smooth textured foods are almost pleasant. I just threw up some yogurt, and it left a sweet taste in my mouth.

It’s not all about throwing up, thankfully. I’m almost 12 weeks pregnant and I feel like I look 20 weeks pregnant. I got all of my maternity clothes out already. I haven’t put any on yet, though I may as well. I’ve been dressing in my workout pants and stretchy pants for weeks. I keep asking Ben, “Look at how big I am so far.” Ben tells me, I don’t look any different, except that my chest is really big. Of course, he would notice that.

I sleep all the time. I take a nap when Xander sleeps and I let Mia watch a “Quiet Time Movie”. Xander’s nap time is usually my most productive time of the day, but since I sleep through it, I don’t get much done.

I crave MEAT! I’m a carnivorous pregnant lady. I wonder how women who are vegetarians make it through their pregnancy. I bet they cheat. I feel like a beast craving only red meat. I wish my body would crave fruits and vegetables, but the only things that satisfy this insatiable hunger are meat and carbohydrates. FAT CITY here I come!

It is a fact that there are women who are so adorably cute when they are pregnant. They have these cute little bellies and wear the cutest clothes. I am not one of them. I am the exact opposite. I blow up everywhere. My face gets layers as does the rest of my body. I bet these women work out for hours everyday. I wish I had the motivation to workout,let alone, get dressed and showered for the day.

Even with all of this said, I am happy to be pregnant. This is probably our last and I want to cherish every moment. I asked Ben the other day, “Don’t I like being pregnant?” I remember loving the fact that there was “life” inside me and being in labor wasn’t all that bad either. Ben replies to my question with, “No Val, you hate it.” Oh. Good thing for short term memory.


Adrienne said...

Oh, I remember those days!!! Sorry I didn't call as promised, I don't mean to be a flake. Cael was up almost every hour list night and from 2 - 3:30 am, so I am exhausted and sick myself. But I HAVE to get out tomorrow or Fri and get that angel gift, so I will either stop by or see if you want to join me! Are you going to enrichment on Thurs?

dan said...

That was awesome. Well, not what you're going through, but your description of it. Though Kori rarely throws up, she's pretty much the same way in that she likes the idea of being pregnant, but once it's going on it's not very fun. I hope the second trimester goes much more smoothly for you. Any thought on if it's a boy or girl yet?

Andy Porter said...

aahh the memories come flooding back. I wish you lived closer so I could watch your kids for you and make you a dinner of pot roast, steak and hamburgers. Another thing on the "things you don't want to throw up" list is lucky charms. It really doesn't taste all that bad, but the colors all swirled together with a brownish tint always made me sick.

Dave and Liz said...

I was the exact same way too. So, I know how that is. It's not best feeling having gag and gag and then your feeling like they are poping out. Good luck with that and get better.

Kathy said...

athat was totally awesome Val. The memories came back in vivid detail. I even remember taco soup! I also blew up like a balloon, no fat cell left untouched. But I hated meat...only fruits, and veggies and chocolate for me. Sorry you are feeling chunky in more ways than one, but can't wait for that baby.

Kathy said...

Hey Val, as I watch this ongoing communication, being the very curious person that I am,What makes the prettiest puke?
Gramma Karen

Valerie said...

I actually throw up in the dark. I don't even turn the light on because if I look at what just came out of me, I'd hurl on the spot.

I think Andy's description of Lucky Charms sounds pretty interesting.

I keep thinking, "Boy, boy, boy" because that is what I want. But, I really don't know yet. I usually know when it get's closer to my ultrasound. I've been right 100% so far.

Maxmomma said...

CONGRATULATIONS VAL!!!!!! This is such great news!!! I had no idea about this when we were chatting earlier today. We are so excited for you! Congratulations and good work going through the sheer misery of pregnancy to give a little spirit a body and bring them into your eternal family. We proud of you and SO excited for you!

Liv said...

man could publish that in a magazine or something...that was a PERFECT description of the event...the puking event that is. and i agree with's been yet another month since this post and i totally keep forgetting you are even pregnant. but i know well how it feels to feel yourself blowing up like a giant balloon.