Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thompson Street


There's a tradition here in Alameda at Christmas time. On Thompson street every house is decorated with Christmas things and lights. Tons of people come from all over to stroll down the street, admiring each house and the lights as they go. In the center of the street there is an island where Santa hangs out. The kids can visit with Santa and get their picture with him.

This is how important this tradition is to Alameda. It is so important that when someone buys a house on the street, it is in their contract that at Christmas time they will decorate their house and Alameda Power subsidizes the people who live on Thompson street during the Christmas holiday.


We've made it a family tradition since we've moved here. I love making family traditions!

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Andy Porter said...

The street looks awesome! I tried to put up some lights this year. I tangled about 4 long strands across my flower box because I was too scared to put up a ladder and climb up to put them on the house. I think I'm going to have to cut them off of the flower box after the season is over. I don't even want to attempt to detangle that mess.