Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tah Dah!


Phew, I finally finished all of my stockings! It took me awhile since all I have been wanting to do in my free time is sleep. I made one even for Baby X so next year, I will already be ready.

We've asked Santa to come early so we can get to Utah on Christmas. I'm kinda nervous about the weather and hope we will have a smooth ride. We are excited to see all of Ben's family-he's got a big one!

I really miss my family and wish that we were closer to them. I think we may try to save up next year and make our way to Michigan! We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


CJ-Is taking piano lessons from her Dad. Since going to Auburn to visit her cousins, we've noticed CJ's interest in music. Ben's giving her lessons to see how interested she is and then maybe we have her take piano lessons.

MIA-Loves writing letters "all day morning". The other day she was writing in a little book and she says, "I have to write in my Diarehha (diary)".

XANDER-Is the only true Korean in our household. Ben bought a giant container of Kim Chee and him and Xander are the only ones who will eat it.


Andy Porter said...

Your stockings look amazing and how fun that you have a real live fireplace mantel to hang them on. I can't wait for you guys to come!!

Abby Marie said...

wait a minute...Ben is teaching her piano lessons?

Valerie said...

oh yes, that is true.

Kathy said...

Val, I need the recipe for those Christmas stockings!
Love ya

Valerie said...

"Gently cook over medium heat until golden brown." J.K. The instructions are in my Nov. 23rd entry. Just click on the word "here". The changes in numbers by hand are the motifications if you use the blue loom. I used the red one.

Andy Porter said...

I just checked out your other blogs! They are so cute. I especially love the pictures of flowers. They seriously look like they belong in a magazine. If you ever have us for Christmas just frame one of your pictures for us. They are gorgeous.