Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mr. Porter is smart, very smart

Mr. Porter is a very good learner. He adapts to situations well and learns what will make the best outcome of the situation.

Case 1
Sometimes I feel like the best time for Ben and I to talk is when we are in bed. There are no kids or T.V. to distract us. And especially for me, nothing around me to distract me like a dirty kitchen sink or toys to pick up.

One night we hop into bed and I am ready to talk his head off. Instead of saying, "I don't want to talk right now, I'm tired" he says, "I don't want to keep you up tonight, I would hate for you to not get enough sleep." He turns over and instantly falls asleep.

Smart. Very smart, Mr. Porter. I didn't get mad at him at all even though I knew his real intentions. I just chuckled.


Case 2
It's time for Ben to get a haircut. He's hairy and I often refer to him when he gets to this stage as Wolverine. He hates getting a haircut more than anything. I have to warn him that he needs a haircut and then slowly ease my way in. Sometimes bribes work for him.

Yesterday I told Ben in the morning I was going to cut his hair. He says okay. The day of course, slips away and it's late at night and I say, "Oh, Ben I forgot to cut your hair." I'm ready to stop what I'm doing and do it right then and there. Ben says, "I forgive you." And takes off as fast as he can.

Smart Mr. Porter, very smart.


Russell said...

Betsy told me about a funny post where Ben did some smart things but where he was also kind of a jerk so I read the post and I can't figure out what she was talking about. He seems considerate of others in both examples. You are an inspiration to us all, Ben.

Kathy said...

let Val cut your hair Ben.
Love ,

Abby Marie said...

hey look! Ben picks his nose!

hanndallfam said...

I don't know how I missed this post!
Ben, you are hilarious! I love this tactic and I'm thinking of ways to incorporate it into my life right now... "Kendall, I was so worried about making you something really yummy for dinner tonight, but I just wasn't sure what you would want. So, i just thought the best way is for you to just make it. Then I'm sure you're getting things just the way you like them."
Hmmmm....I like it.