Sunday, March 15, 2009

Whassup. . .

with my kids.


We don't buy our kids guns to play with, but it doesn't matter because with boys, anything becomes a gun. A barbie, a stick, and even legos. Xander makes guns out of legos and likes to fight with them. I have given into his imagination and when I get hit, I have a dramatic fall and I add sound effects as I plummet to the ground. Xander used to copy me and it was the funniest thing alive to witness. Now, he just plops himself backwards and says, "I died."

One day I walked into my room and Xander was laying on the bean bag very still with his eyes closed and said, "I died." So this is his new thing to do these days. I was taking Mia to preschool one day and Xander exclaimed as he looked out the window of the car, "People died outside. Right dare." Ben thinks he has the sixth sense.

Here's a picture of Xander dying outside.


This is a picture of Mia being very sad because I wouldn't let her change into different clothes for no reason. Mia would change 10 times a day if I would let her.

One day we were watching a movie and two black men were dancing. Mia yelled, "Hey they're chocolate. I want to eat them." We had to correct Mia and tell her that we don't call them "chocolate" and told her the right words to use. She's said it several times after this occasion and really thinks that black people are made out of chocolate.

One day I took and nap and woke up to this note,a picture, and dead flowers on my nightstand. I love little girls and the notes they give me. CJ is the same way. I love this note in particular because Mia wrote Zoey's name on it. I've made Mia a word wall with words she knows how to read and she practices everyday. Now she is writing the words. I think it's awesome!


CJ is maturing into a beautiful young lady. My biggest debate lately was when give CJ a training bra. I don't want to be one of those parents who are too late and I also didn't want to jump the gun. I finally decided to give her one. Mia was devasted that she couldn't have one too and was full of tears.

CJ has also been interested in making up cheers with her friends at recess. They have gotten so good, that the principal has asked her friends and her to perform a cheer during testing week. CJ and her friends practiced at recess and came up with this, "Ready. Okay. Go fight, test tonight. Boogie on down, all right, all right!" They have arm actions and a kick for the finale.

In other news. . .
My biggest kid finally let me cut his hair. All we had to do to make his experience enjoyable was to give him his IPOD while I cut his hair.


Abby Marie said...

I can't wait to see you all on Friday!!!!!!!

Valerie Porter said...

Us too!

Andy Porter said...

What??? Are you coming here or is Abby going there??
Cute pictures(as always) I love that Xander sees dead people. That's a true talent! Tell Mia I think the clothes she's wearing are really cute!

Valerie said...

We are flying Abby out to watch our kids this weekend. Ben is getting an Emmy in LA and I wanted to go too! Abby is the BEST!

Chandra said...

Valerie, I love your pictures! You are so talented. I think the special effects you do to them (like the one with Xander's hands) are pure awesome.

I always get excited when I visit Kathy's blog and see you have posted something new because I can't wait to see the pics. Although I could have lived without the one of Ben picking his nose. haha

Thanks for sharing your talents.

Chandra :)