Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Star Wars Legos


Ever since Ben introduced "Star Wars" to the kids, that is all I hear about. Xander runs around all day saying, "I Yuke." Mia came home disappointed because at recess she was pretending to be Princess Leia and she couldn't get any of the boys to be Luke. She said, "They don't even know who he is." I also hear quotes from the movie.

Mia: "Luke I am your Father"
Xander: "Nooooooo".


Yesterday we are playing in Xander's room. He made Star Wars figures out of legos. He would make a figure, name it and put it in a container. In this picture from left to right is Luke, Princess Leia, and I can only guess the short one is Yoda. Notice the curves on Princess Leia and that she is taller than Luke.

Mia had to join in the fun and make her own. I love my kids creativity and imagination!

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