Sunday, April 26, 2009

The "UP" Wrap Par-tee!


I'm only posting pictures from my camera so Ben can make a post on his blog and all of the pictures he took at the Wrap Party. I'm going to try to write only things I think Ben won't write about in his blog. You know, the really important things like how Ben went to St. Vincent De Paul and bought 5 ugly ties to choose from to wear for the evening. He even stuck another in his pocket and took it just in case it wasn't ugly enough. Here is a picture of his choice for the evening. I know there are people like Russ looking at this picture thinking, "That tie is something I would wear to church."


The film "Up" was shown at the Paramount theatre in Oakland with the after party at the Fox Theatre. I loved watching the film with all of the people who made it. It's fun to hear cheering throughout the film when there was a part that was a hard shot to make or beautiful shot that was breaktaking to see.

Ben squeezed my hand throughout the film if it was something that he had worked on. I LOVED IT, LOVED IT! The movie that is and, of course, Ben holding my hand.

One thing that I just got a kick out of was after the film, everyone congratulates everyone. I hear, "Congratulations" from everyone and see pats on the back. I love that Pixar is a team. It's not just the director and producer getting the "Congratulations" and pats on the back, it's everyone.

I'll leave the rest of the details for Ben and his blog. Look for the movie in Theatres May 29. Ben's name will be in the "Character" section of the credits.


Sarah said...

Very Cool!

Kornelia es Emanuel said...

So, one more: congratulations!!!

Andy Porter said...

If I was a guy, I'd for sure be wearing that tie to church. I'm so excited for the movie! How awesome!!

Russell said...

So you are absolutely right--I'd wear that tie to work/church/whatever. You may have inspired me to post about ties in the near future.

Valerie said...

Ahh how romantic