Thursday, April 8, 2010

Are you ready?


The kids and I visited Pixar today for the Kid's Flea Market that they held. It was awesome! We got Mia a bike, a really cool lamp, clothes, and games. Anyways, while we were there they had tons of Toy Story 3 things all over the atrium.

Here's Buzz and Woody made out of legos:



Giant blocks made out of foam:


Mark your calender for June 18th!

If you haven't already. . .

Here is a link to see the official trailer.

Here is a link to see the official teaser.


Sarah said...

That is so cool--I can't believe those are made out of legos! I love the whole flea market idea too! Scott's in the wrong profession--the highlight at his office is his big wipe-off board.

Abby Marie said...

WOAH HOW COOL!!! I also LOVE the pictures you took of zoe in the previous post. She is way way way too cute. Wow, a wipe-off board just doesn't quite compare to Woody and Buzz made out of legos.

Kathy said...

Once again, Pixar is the coolest place in the world. Although I spent $250 at the Nike employee store. There is something to say for Nike.