Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swim Lessons

Since moving to California, I have felt the importance of learning how to swim even more. Last year when we lived in Alameda, I put CJ and Mia in swimming lessons. I was so proud of CJ and how brave she was jumping off the diving board. This year, the area that we live in, everyone swims. It seems like everyone has a pool in their backyard or community. Swim team is also pretty big here.

I was able to put Xander, Mia and CJ all in swim lessons this year. It was awesome! Xander cried the first day. When I say cried, I don't mean shedding little tears, I mean screaming his head off where I'm sure there were parents thinking, "Someone take that child away!"

He had a wonderful teacher who endured his screaming and helped him anyways. By the next day, he had no problem getting into the water thanks to his teacher! I thought it was adorable that he would put on goggles. No one else in his class wore them and I'm sure his teacher didn't make him either.


I was so happy with his progress, that I wish I had the money to keep him in lessons all summer! He was great!


Mia is a fearless tough kid! She is also very stubborn and wants to do EVERYTHING by herself! This is the girl who taught herself how to ride a bike! I debated on what level she should be in and to play it safe, put her in a Beginner class.


After watching what she could do, I decided that I could have put her in the next class up. It would have pushed her to try harder but the class that she was in was also fine. She learned how to swim under water and use her "ice cream scooper" arms. I was so proud of her and what she could do.


CJ also did a wonderful job! She was able to increase her swimming skills and techniques. I was secretly listening to the tips her instructors were giving her hoping that I could learn something too. I'm not a great swimmer at all. I never learned how to properly swim and breathe. I love that my kids are learning, makes me want to take a class!


We will be definitely taking swimming classes next year!

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Lora said...

I never learned how to swim properly either, and want to take swim lessons too. Jake is self taught, and swims like a pro, but that is because he grew up with a pool in his backyard. I need to bite the bullet and send my kids next year! Oscar will love it, he is fearless, like Mia, and has already taught himself how to swim like a fish below the water; it is when he tries to swim with his head above the surface that it looks like he is drowning. ;) I think Livy will be like Xander, she will be a screamer in the beginning. So glad that the kids had a good experience.

PS. I love the new pictures that you have of each of the kids on the side of your blog. That picture of Ben and Xander is precious. :)