Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Things in my Brain that must be Emptied


Xander said this while shooting hoops outside today,"I love my home. I love my Mom and Dad. I love my sisters. I love my family."

We got a little kid basketball hoop and Xander wants to play all the time. He asked me the other day, "Can I shoot some hoops?" Ahhh. . . A basketball star in the making.

Xander went to the Halloween store with his Dad last night and has not stopped talking about it. Nothing scared him until he saw the animaltronics. Today, he was, for the second time, telling me about his adventure and how he was scared and he said, "I was so scared. Look at me Mom (I was painting)." I look at him and he is showing me how he looked when he was scared. He was shaking and his shoulders were raised and he had a scared expression on his face.

Xander also loves Michael Jackson. Here are some funny things he has said about the King of Pop:

"When I grow up, I'm gonna look like Michael Jackson."

"Mom. . . can I do the moonwalk?" "Uh yeah," I reply. He proceeds to moonwalk. Well the kid version anyway, which is jumping up and down.

After coming home from preschool, "Michael Jackson is in my class. He's got really poofy hair." And then he shows me how much hair this Michael Jackson has with his hands.

Xander is amazing at picking up lines in songs. I will hear him singing songs we listen to all the time. In the car, I see him trying his best to sing along. I will hear him singing Justin Bieber or church songs. The other day in the car he was singing, "I too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt". Over and over.


I must add some things that Mia said. Ben was talking about how something was "Made in China" and Xander repeated. "Made in China?" and Mia yelled, "DON'T TALK ABOUT PAGINAS!"

She also asked Ben while he was tucking her into bed, "How do you know Jesus is true because I don't know if he's true?" Ben told her to pray about. She told me the next day, while I was volunteering in her class that she prayed and knows that Jesus is true. I asked her if she felt good inside and she held her heart and said she did. I love how this little girl thinks.

Mia came home from a playdate and while giving her a bath, Ben noticed she had a tatoo on her butt. Apparently, her and her friend went into the bathroom tatooing their body. She had one on the middle of her back and arm too!

After being scolded for telling her Dad, "No!" and that is not okay to say that to her Mom and Dad, Mia replied, "If I can't say, "No" than I'm not a real person!" I told Ben later that that was a profound statement.

We were talking at the table about our nationality. CJ said she was Hawaiian and Anika said she was Japanese. Ben asked Mia, "Do you know what kind of Asian you are?" Mia replied, "Your kind of Asian!"

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Kathy said...

Those kids are so cute.Kiss em for me.