Monday, February 7, 2011


Along with millions of others, Januarys get me into the mood for setting family and individual goals.

The mark of a new beginning.

A time to start over, to start anew.

Ben and I were discussing goals that we would like to set with the family. One of mine is to read a General Conference talk with Ben every Sunday when the kids go down. I feel like I miss quite a few talks while tending the kids during Conference and thought this would be good time for us to catch up. We've done it for a few weeks now and I really enjoy it.

Ben wanted to have the family write in their journals together. Sarah's family does it every Sunday and I've always thought it was neat. Ben said that his family used to do it when he was younger and that the only journal entries he has are from those times.


We've tried it a couple of weeks now and I hope we get into the habit. It always seems hard at first but if we can do it consistently, we can make it stick.


One of my personal goals is to read my scriptures better. I always read it at night and I am always tired. One thing I have tried is reading my scriptures out loud at lunch time to Xander. It's been hard to remember to do it, but when I have, it has been so much better.

Watch out 2011, here come the Porters! We will be triumphant!


Tyler & Lisa said...

These are great goals to have. I love the journal writing! That is something my family will have to do when they actually can write!

dannielo said...
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Sarah said...

Good for you Val! I have to say that I love the journal writing too--it actually worked last year and we're continuing it!