Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Gifts for Val-Day

Ben and I have made the tradition of making gifts for each other for Valentine's Day. Last year you may remember the tie cake I made for him:


Not straying much off that path, I decided to turn this mess:




Into this:


I made everything myself. I even used the drill press for the first time with success! I organized Ben's ties by putting the ones that I thought were ugly up high hoping that he will just grab the ones that are easier to get to!

Ben was hoping that he could use the Anniversary music video as my Valentine gift too. No such luck is what I told him. No rollover gifts! Here is what he made me:



Check out the heart:


He also included a ticket for a free day where I can do anything I want! I love making gifts for Valentine's Day!


Hannah said...

Cute and funny! I love the gifts. It's amazing the things Ben can do with paper and the tie area looks MUCH better!

Heidi said...

You are both uber creative and talented! I love the stinkin' shoes box in your living room. : )

Sarah said...

You guys are too cute!

Abby Watson said...

How come the tie I gave ben for my wedding is on the top ugly shelf? Hahaha Just kidding, it's not :). I love these gifts! Ben's heart is awesome!

McCallisters said...

I like the orange, green, black, beige striped tie that you put with the ugly ones. You are so good at making stuff! Since I am the anti-craft, I am always impressed at your skills.

Michael Family said...

Wayne has a tie made out of duct tape. Oh it gets worse. Camouflage duct tape. I keep trying to throw it away, but he always thwarts my efforts. I love the paper heart.

Lora said...

You guys are fabulously creative. I love it and kind of jealous of it. Anyways. Jake has an ugly tie that he bought on his mission in Italy, it is by a designer and thus has justified this an excuse to override any desire I have in tossing it. It is a tie that has baby tiny PINK and gold squirrels on it. Nice job on the tie rack and putting the less desirable ones on the top, you will have to let us know if this was actually an effective deterrent. I am struggling to figure out what the images on the fifth tie (from the left) on the top rack are. Are those iguana claws? and stone tulips? ;)