Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Incredible Bendable Girl


Ben stayed home from work yesterday and so I got to take Mia to gymnastics all by myself. Normally, while Mia is doing gymnastics I'll take the little ones for a walk or go to a nearby store because Zoey wants to run around on the mats.

I was so excited that I brought my camera. I was having tons of fun taking pictures from the sidelines until one of the teachers told me I couldn't use my flash. Dang it! I still got some good ones though.


They sort of do this circuit training where they go to different stations. Today Mia jumped on the trampoline, dove into the pit (a hole filled with cubed foam), practiced handstands and doing a backbend using the wall.


On the other side of the gym, they practiced balance on various balance beams. You know how you watch someone do something and for so reason, you have the foolish notion that you can do it too? I went home and tried to do a back bend because back in the day, that was cake for me. We almost had to call 911! It was so tough and my body was so stiff. I couldn't even go half way!



I love to give Ben the assignment of helping the kids with Science Projects. He always does such a good job and the kids love doing it with him. Mia chose to do her project on fingerprints. She learned about the different types of fingerprints. Then, she took each member of the family's fingerprints except Zoey's. We did try to get one from her, but it was almost non-existent.

After taking everyone's fingerprint, she practiced her skill of identifying each one as an arch, whorl. double loop or loop. Our house then turned into a crime scene where each member of the family touched an identical mug. Ben put the person's name on a folded piece of paper inside the cup so Mia wouldn't know whose was whose.


Mia then dusted the fingerprints with graphite and using packaging tape they removed the fingerprint. Ben laid out the fingerprint from each cup as well as the fingerprints from the very beginning. Mia then guessed whose fingerprints were on each cup. She got all of them right!

Mia was so excited to take her Dad to the Science Fair. On the way she told him, "My teacher is a fan of you and so is Ava and. . .she went on listing everyone." Apparently, Mia told her class that Ben works at Pixar.

We had told Mia beforehand that she may not win anything and to not be upset because she did a wonderful job. We hoped that preparing her beforehand would help any disappointment that may come. Mia has a hard time losing. We've been trying to work with her on that.

We enjoyed walking around with her and especially looking at her project. The moment came where they had all the kids and parents gather around the stage because they were going to award ribbons to the science projects.

I was all prepared mentally on how I would console Mia when she didn't win because, really, what are the chances? I thought to myself that this would be a great opportunity to teach Mia about being a good sport.

Then, all of a sudden I got really nervous because, deep down, I really wanted her to win! I hoped that she would just get an honorable mention. She has talked and talked about the Science Fair and was anticipating this night for days.

Her friend Mason's name was called and he got a 3rd place ribbon. And I got even more anxious for Mia! Why was I feeling this way? What is wrong with me. . .? Am I becoming an obnoxious parent??

Then, they called Mia's name for second place! I was so happy for her!


I guess we'll teach Mia how to deal with disappointment and being a good sport another day.
If she would only stop winning. . .


Kathy said...

What a riot Val. I felt every one of those feelings with you. Your kids are just rock stars, not a loser in the bunch. Also, WHAT a COOL science project! I want to do it!

McCallisters said...

Ha ha! I am laughing about your backbend. Every now and then, I do a cartwheel or a backbend, just to prove I still can, but it always hurts! I was also anxious for Mia after Mason got 3rd, I was thinking, I hope Mia gets a ribbon, because her's really was the most original and best project there!