Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photo Blunders

Ben and I celebrated our 9th anniversary by going on an Alcatraz Cruise. We listened to an auto tour while wandering around the cell house. The escape stories and history of the island were fascinating. I brought the big mama camera because I wanted to get some good pictures. I normally leave it home when I am on an outing with the kids and need all hands on deck. It's giant and too hard to carry and take care of kids at the same time.

I put it in my smaller camera case, checked the battery which was fully charged and giggled with excitement.

I took some beautiful pictures of the outside of the buildings which were aged perfectly, the cells, San Francisco at night, and anything else that stuck out to me. Half way through the tour, my camera died. I didn't have the spare battery because I left it in the giant bag. I thought I would turn the camera off and on and see what would happen. I did it and it battery came back to life.

I took more pictures and then we were on the boat to go back to San Fran when the screen went black with the words, "CF card unformatted." Unfortunately, when I switched the on/off switch I unformatted the card and lost ALL of the pictures! AHHHH! I was so sad.

No pictures to document our fun date. Bummer!

I was using my new flash and I think that drained the battery faster than I expected.

We still had a great time and tried out this diner off of the Embarcadero called Fog City Diner. The food was good but way overpriced for what was served. Ben ate his first 17.00 burger! It was fun to just go out. We don't do that very much.

I commented towards the end of our date, that Ben and I hardly talked during most of the date's activity. Ben says it is sign that we are comfortable with each other.

Since, I have no pictures from Alcatraz, I thought I would leave one with you that might make you pee your pants. Ben may kill me for posting this, but I'm willing to take the chance.


Randall Sly said...

I've seen those sweet looking gals before down at BYU. They were always flirting with us animation students. I wish I would have gotten their phone number though. But it's too late now, I have already married another good looking gal. Maybe when polygamy starts up again I might still have a chance... YEEEEEHHAAAAA

Andy Porter said...

Ha ha ha...I love those wigs. I want one!

Such a bummer you lost all of your pics! I'm sure there were some amazing shots!

Michael Family said...

Oh wow. I am speechless. Words don't suffice for that picture.