Tuesday, June 7, 2011


When I think of a "cherry picker", I always think of this:

cherry picker-"In sports, someone who prefers to take only easy shots. Mildly disparaging.

A common example comes from basketball, in which a "cherry picker" is a person who favors short shots, but especially a person who sits in the back court by the basket waiting for an outlet pass on a change of possession, enabling them to score easily before any defenders can reach them." (Urban Dictionary)


The kids and I along with some friends and became "cherry pickers" for the day. Not the above cherry pickers, but this kind:

cherry picker-"Someone who pays money to pick cherries off a tree that they do not own. They have to practice self control and only PICK and not EAT the cherries." (according to me)


We went to Brentwood to with some friends on a furlough day. Such a funny word, furlough. Sounds like a type of fabric that is furry. This is what it is really:

furlough-"Employee furloughs are mandatory time off work with no pay. Used as an alternative to a layoff, employee furloughs can occur in both public and private sector organizations when revenue or projected revenue fails to match expenses" (About.com)

We also went strawberry picking. I had to whisk Zoey away at one point because she couldn't help but eat every one she touched. You can't blame her, look at these babies!


They were the most delicious strawberries I had ever tasted. When you put one in your mouth, it's just melts with the yummiest juices.


After, our child labor-"the regular, full time employment of children under a legally defined age. . ." (yourdictionary.com) activities, we went for a swim at our friend's parents' house.

What a fun-"musing, entertaining, or enjoyable" (wikipedia.com) day!


Abby Watson said...

Wow! Picking strawberries and cherries looks like SO much fun! I'm jealous. I would not have to use much self control to not eat the cherries, they are disgusting. Strawberries on the other hand, I'd be right there with Zoey.

Andy Porter said...

Ha ha...what a cool post! Those strawberries looks so yummy!!